Spokane Lawn Maintenance Tips

A lush, beautiful lawn begins with proper care and maintenance, and the quality of your soil has a direct impact on the strength and health of your turf. Impeccable Landscapes is here to provide you with unbeatable lawn care services, and we understand that you may rely on the expertise of a professional to try to maintain your own law. Below, you will find essential lawn care tasks that we recommend for the best-looking yard on the block!

Tips for a Beautiful, Healthy Lawn

Tip #1: Improve Soil Quality

  • Aerate. Roots need plenty of air, space, and water to grow. Aerating your lawn once a year in the spring or fall encourages thicker grass, improves drainage, and helps ward off common diseases.
  • Fertilize. Treating your lawn with nitrogen- and potassium-rich fertilizer promotes deep root growth, and it can help keep moss and weeds from invading. This is best done at least two times a year in the spring and fall.
  • Recycle grass clippings. This sustainable approach to lawn care not only reduces yard waste in landfills, but it also provides your lawn with about ⅓ of its annual nitrogen needs and makes mowing easier.

Tip #2: Strengthen Weak Turf

  • Dethatch. This process removes the dead roots and stems from your turf, and it should be done in late spring if needed. Following up with a quality fertilizer will enhance the strength and hardiness of your turf.
  • Water properly. During the summer months, water your lawn deeply once or twice a week. This encourages the roots to grow deeper, which means you won’t need to water as frequently as you think. Your lawn (and your water bill!) will thank you.
  • Repair bare spots. Ideally, this should be done in late spring or early fall after you aerate so that the seeds can sink below the surface of your turf. Pruning tree branches back can help eliminate heavy canopies that contribute to thin turf and bare spots.

Tip #3: Prevent Common Yard Concerns

  • Moss. This flowerless green plant can take away from the beauty of your lawn and create an unsafe, slippery surface. Aerating, fertilizing, and applying other products in early spring can inhibit its growth.
  • Pests. There are many types of insects that can cause damage to your grass, shrubs, and trees. Treating harmful larvae, like crane fly larvae, in the spring can help prevent widespread damage in the summer.
  • Weeds. Grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds can make your lawn look and feel like it is not well-maintained. Grassy weeds should be treated in early spring and broadleaf weeds should be treated in the fall to prevent overgrowth.

Tip #4: Leave Lawn Care Services to the Pros!

  • Experience matters. You want a lawn care company who is very familiar with the native trees, grasses, and shrubs in the Spokane area. This level of knowledge and expertise comes from quality education and years of experience in the industry.
  • Year-round lawn care services. Of course, your lawn needs the bulk of its care during the spring, summer, and fall. But landscaping services don’t stop there — be sure to look for a company that offers year-round services, including sprinkler system services and snow and ice removal.
  • Protect your investment. Your landscaping may have cost you $5,000, or it may have cost you $50,000. No matter how much money you spent on your landscaping, it will be best protected by hiring professional lawn care services.