Grass is a high-maintenance plant. Take it from us, we’ve been providing landscaping solutions in the Spokane area for many years. Although it’s most common to plant grass in your front and backyards as a way to cover up the dirt, grass is a boring and very needy ground covering.

First of all, grass has to be watered constantly. Then you’ve got to spend all spring and summer battling the weeds that inevitably creep through. And even if you manage to keep a handle on all of those chores, there’s still the constant mowing to worry about (but be careful not to mow too much!).

If you’ve ever wished there was a magical way to get rid of your grass without completely infuriating your Spokane homeowners’ association, we’ve got GREAT news for you. There are landscaping alternatives when it comes to ground covering, and many of them are much more forgiving than grass.

Keep reading to learn more!

1. Sedge

This plant can grow in almost any type of soil and is found in all growing zones in the United States. Featuring grasslike leaves that grow in clumps, sedge can be allowed to grow long (if you hate mowing) or be cut just a few times a year (if you like mowing a little). Sedge is also able to stand up to foot traffic without becoming stressed out like regular grass.

2. Moss

Do you have a lawn with a lot of moist, shady areas and soil that’s on the acidic side thanks to the presence of certain trees? If so, your lawn is a perfect candidate for moss landscaping. “Moss needs no fertilizer and very little water once it’s established, but it does not handle heavy foot traffic well. If you want to walk through it daily, plan to add a flagstone walkway to avoid damaging your lawn. Depending on the variety, moss is adapted to zones 4 to 10 and is native to most states,” explains Houzz.

3. Clover

Not the four-leaf kind, but the rapidly growing kind! Clover can thrive in full sun or partial shade, and it needs absolutely no fertilization or mowing. In the spring, clover will produce sweet smelling white flowers that bees absolutely love! Clover doesn’t like a ton of foot traffic, however, so it’s best for lawns that don’t see a lot of physical use.

4. Mondo Grass

This unusual plant has grass in the name, but it doesn’t need any of the TLC that normal grass demands. Available in two varieties–regular and dwarf–mondo grass never grows more than six inches tall. It grows in tidy little clumps that make your lawn look green without total coverage.

5. Lilyturf

The final plant in our list of non-grass landscaping options is the lilyturf, or liriope. This evergreen turf alternative delivers a glorious dark green color with wide leaves that like to grow to lengths of over a foot. It’s very drought tolerant once established, and can thrive in a wide range of soil conditions.

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