Spring in Washington state is always a wonderful time of the year. While some people are not huge fans of how much rain we get during this portion of the year, we really like it here at Impeccable Landscapes. After all, with plenty of rain comes an abundance or healthy plants and lawns throughout the summer season. However, there are some steps that have to be taken by homeowners if you want to ensure that your lawn is the best in the neighborhood. In this post, you can find some simple tips that are made to help Spokane homeowners specifically in making their now lawn into a total dream. Continue reading below to identify how you can execute these steps properly so that your lawn is truly superior this spring and summer.

Take the Time to Apply Herbicide

For us, living in the Pacific Northwest, the best time of year to get ahead of weeds before they have the opportunity to take over our lawns in the spring. Crabgrass, in particular, germinates in the spring, meaning that you can reduce this possibility by simply applying a pre-emergent herbicide to your lawn. If you have already begun to spot weeds in your grass, you can still apply herbicide, just get the post-emergent kind. Whether it is before or after the weeds have sprouted, taking care of them as soon as possible is the best course of action.

Aerate your Soil

We typically have pretty wet winters here in Washington. This means that the soil in your lawn is likely very compacted by the time spring rolls around each year. This will cause your grass to have issues as it tries to grow. It will also cause for an abundance of weeds to grow in your lawn if you do not remedy the problem. In order to reduce compaction, you’re going to need to aerate the soil when the grass begins growing in the spring. Aeration comes with a number of benefits such as allowing for your seed to get closer to the soil so that it can germinate. It also gives your grass a nudge to begin growing once your grass’ winter dormancy period is over.

Get Rid Of Weeds For Good

Invest in Slow-Release Fertilizer

Another way to give your grass a helping hand this spring is to fertilize it. We would suggest using a slow-release fertilizer, however. You will want to do this right around the same time you mow your lawn for the first time in the spring. Be sure that you do not apply too much too quickly, and that you do not apply the fertilizer too early in the season as well. The slow-release fertilizer will help to apply nutrients to your grass over time, helping it to really have a steady growth over the beginning weeks and months of spring. This should also give you some peace of mind as you will know that your grass is now prepared to handle the stress that summer can put on it.

Make Sure You Are Preventing Grubs

While many people don’t really think about then, grubs are an issue that many people have to deal with in the Pacific Northwest. Much of the time, having grubs in your yard will lead to a number of dead patches of grass, as these are the areas the grubs are using to feed themselves. In order to prevent grubs from taking over your lawn, we would suggest that you apply insecticide to your lawn in early June. This little bit of preparation will surely have a great positive effect on the overall health of your lawn this year.

Hire a Local Lawn Care Company

If you do not want to have to worry about all of the tasks that are required of you when it comes to prepping your lawn for spring and summer, we have good news for you. When you hire the expert lawn care technicians from Impeccable Landscapes, we can help you to complete all of the tasks that we mentioned in this post. Simply forget about all the work that would otherwise be required of you, and instead allow us to take care of it for you. Contact Impeccable Landscapes today and learn more about what we can offer you and your lawn this spring!

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