While you may be celebrating how well your lawn has turned out after a long hot summer, we hate to break it to you, but the hard work is not over quite yet. The tough thing about caring for a lawn is that the work seems to never end (until winter that is). With this in mind, it’s time to stop thinking about your summer lawn care habits and start working towards preparing your grass for the season’s change. Below you can uncover some of the ways we know to keep lawns in the Spokane area healthy even when the heat subsides the cool fall breeze arrives over the following weeks.

Don’t Let The Weeds Take Over

We know how frustrating weeds can be and even though we associate them with summer, the chance of you having weeds during the autumn season may not be large, but it certainly isn’t non-existent. This is why it is important to keep a close eye on your lawn even when you think the summer rain has subsided. just because you think the weeds aren’t going to show their face until next spring doesn’t mean they can’t surprise you.

Rake The Leaves

Leaving dead leaves on your lawn can do major damage to it over time. If you want a lawn that looks great and also doesn’t die as soon as summer ends be sure to remove this debris from the grass. You should also remove any sticks or branches that may accumulate there due to end of the summer storms. This will keep your lawn as healthy as you want it to be even moving in 2 months like October and November.

Keep Mowing

You may think that lack of rain will lead to your lawn refusing to grow. Because of this you may find no need to pull out your lawnmower and continue using it throughout the months of August and September. This would be a mistake. There are few things you can do that are worse for the continued growth of your lawn than to give up on it. You should never stop mowing your lawn until you see that it is beginning to brown due to winter temperatures that will come much later in the season. A good rule of thumb is often to mow until the first frost.

Get Rid of The Bald Spots

If you have bald spots in your yard make sure that you buy a lawn repair mixture from your local hardware store as soon as possible. You can apply this mixture to the bald spots in your yard after raking the dirt beneath it. Make sure, however, that you compact it and apply water after the process is through, otherwise you will not get the results you are looking to achieve.  This is a simple and fast way to ensure that by the time spring arrives next year you will have no bald spots in your grass and your lawn will look as beautiful and full as ever.

Be Sure To Fertilize

While there is much debate about the best time of year to fertilize your lawn, we at Impeccable Landscapes, always suggest to fertilize during the fall for best results. When you fertilize during this time of the year, it gives your lawn the essential nutrients that are needed to keep the roots of the grass healthy even when facing extreme conditions. This ultimately results in the roots being able to grow deep all winter,  ensuring that your lawn looks amazing by spring.

Have Your Soil Aerated

Aerating doesn’t have to be a hard process, you can rent a gas powered lawn aerator in order to give your lawn the oxygen, water, and fertilizer that it requires to truly grow stronger over time. This process will result in a very healthy lawn once winter subsides next year if it is completed correctly. The point of this using an aerating machine is to push tiny holes into the soil and extract bits of dirt so that the nutrients can do their job in supporting the growth of the grass long-term.

Hire the Professionals at Impeccable Landscape

Regardless of the time of the year, Impeccable Landscapes knows what the very best practices are to keep your lawn healthy. We want to make sure that even though summer is over you are able to continue to bask in the glow that comes with knowing your grass is healthy and sure to survive the winter. Not to mention we love being able to help you have bragging rights about being the owner of the best looking lawn in the neighborhood. If you want to make sure your lawn can be as healthy as possible in the future months, make sure to call Impeccable Landscapes today. We can help you get the lawn of your dreams!

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