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Spring is a time of year that many people love. Tulips bloom, the trees begin to bud, and the warmer afternoons beckon you to a nice, long walk. Yet, with spring comes a reawakening of nature that some of us may not particularly enjoy — pests. Pests themselves are just going about their lives, trying to survive, which is great. But when they become a nuisance, it’s time for action.

Impeccable Landscapes near Spokane has been offering the best residential and commercial lawn care services for 25 years. We understand the particular needs of lawns in Washington, Northern Idaho, and Montana areas. We aim to be your one-stop-shop when it comes to landscaping and lawn care for your home, business, or office. Below, we’ll offer up tips for spring pest control. Contact us today for your next pest control needs!


Invest in Tree Trimming Services

Trimming your trees is often an afterthought for many busy homeowners and business owners. This means that trees and shrubs often grow way more than they should. While this may provide more shade for your yard, lawn, kids, and dogs, it also is providing more habitat for critters and pests. When you invest in regular tree trimming and shrub services with Impeccable Landscapes near Spokane, you will ensure that this important task is not forgotten, and you will help to keep the pests down and at bay.

Clean Up Your Home’s Exterior

Winter makes it easy to store items outside and close by. After all, it’s cold outside, and you don’t want to haul away items that can wait until the spring. Thus, the side of your home or the backyard becomes a dumping ground for broken furniture, piles of leaves and sticks, and wood piles as well. When spring arrives, pests love these habitats as they offer shelter from the unpredictable spring weather and from predators. Thus, Impeccable Landscapes near Spokane recommends that you spend a day cleaning up around your home’s exterior with an eye towards what would be a good home for pests.

Look for Other Hidden Gems

Flower pots, old containers, bird baths, and bird feeders all could potentially harbor critters and pests that will eventually make their homes in your yard. It’s a good idea to remove anything out in your yard that just doesn’t belong, like your old kids’ toys, dog toys and bones, old logs that are more food for termites than decoration, tires, swings, and whatever is in your kids’ treehouse. Remember to check any out-of-the-way places that if you were a pest, you’d enjoy because no one would disturb you. This also includes your outdoor sheds.

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Pests love spring because first off they are born and second off, they are spending this time growing like your spring weeds. To fend off both spring weeds and spring pests, you need to take preemptive action before the problem compounds. If you are in need of spring pest control or weed control services, give Impeccable Landscapes a call. We serve Washington state, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana. We can’t wait to hear from you!