We are now officially in March which means that spring is right around the corner. You have spent the last couple of months not having to worry about what your yard is doing since it has been dormant. But now is the time to start getting your landscape ready for the growing season. At Impeccable Landscapes, we provide a list of services that are sure to get your yard looking lush and healthy this spring.

General Clean up

After three or four months of cold, wet, snowy weather, your lawn is sure to look drab. Dead leaves, twigs and trash might be in your beds and in tight corners. We can clean up around your yard and make it look fresh. We can also help add life to your landscape by adding a new layer of soil or wood chips around your trees and shrubs.


When it comes to great lawn care, we know that fertilizer is what helps your grass grow to become thick and lush. Fertilizer brings life to any lawn and is a relatively quick service for us to complete. We know just what kind of fertilizer your lawn needs to be healthy all summer long.

Tree and shrub pruning

Now is the perfect time to prune your shrubs and trees because they haven’t completely come out of hibernation and will have plenty of time to heal before they start budding. Cutting off dead, dying or even crazy angled limbs can help your tree or shrub focus on getting nutrients to the other limbs. It also gives your tree and shrub a more rounded look.

Don’t wait any longer to make an appointment. Spring will be here before you know it.