Having a home or a business is a big responsibility. After all, not only do you have the interior of your home to worry about, but you also have the exterior as well. This can be a lot, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle, which a lot of us do. After all, you are busy in your career, shuttling kids to and fro, keeping up with your friends and family, and doing your hobbies, as well as running a household and all that entails (think cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc). Taking care of your yard, while something you would like to do, often gets squeezed.

When you partner with a top-notch landscaping and lawn care company such as Impeccable Landscapes in Spokane, you can rest assured that your lawn will be taken care of, not only in the fall, but also year-round. We offer tree trimming, pruning, and weed control, as well as aeration, fungicide treatments, and mowing services. We understand that you want your lawn to look impeccable, which is our specialty. Below, we’ll go over some of the reasons to invest in fall and leaf clean up services. Contact us today to get started!


Leaves Can Kill Your Grass

There is much debate about whether to leave leaves on your yard or not when they fall down. After all, they do serve as a natural mulch for your plants and shrubbery and they provide food for the bottom-crawlers, such as worms and insects. However, leaving too many leaves on your yard can cause the grass to die underneath them, which is then harder to deal with in the spring as it can take months for new grass to grow. Also, too many leaves can attract the critters you don’t want, such as snakes, in your yard. While Impeccable Landscapes in Spokane has nothing against snakes and the valuable service they provide to the food chain, you probably don’t want to accidentally come across them in your yard. If snow falls on your leaves, snow mold can grow as well, which is a pink or gray fungus that can attack and kill your grass. Impeccable Landscapes recommends that you either rake them and bring them for composting, or you mow over them and then rake them into your garden for natural composting. We are more than happy to help you with either of these tasks.

Grass Can Kill Your Grass

This may be confusing, but hear us out. The yellowish-brown grass that you see in your yard in the fall is called thatch. It lives underneath the living, green grass. The problem with thatch is that it can build up and choke the life out of your green grass (which is the grass you want to keep) by not allowing water and nutrients to reach the roots of your green grass. Impeccable Landscapes notes that the solution to this problem is simply to rake your yard vigorously in order to loosen thatch and then remove it. The best time to do this is the early fall, which gives your green grass time to recover from this de-thatching process. In addition, aerating your lawn in the fall allows oxygen, water, and valuable nutrients to reach your soil, impacting the health of your plants and trees.

Kill the Weeds

When the word “weed” is mentioned, you probably picture a dandelion or another common weed plant here in the Northwest. A weed is an undesirable or unwanted plant. Most people do not like to weed their gardens or their lawns, which is when the services of a professional lawn care company become invaluable. Weeds will store food in their roots in preparation of the springtime, so even though you don’t see them, they are still in your yard and garden. Fertilizing your yard is essential as well in the fall in order to help the roots prepare for winter by giving them a boost of food before it begins.

Get Rid Of Weeds For Good

Your Garden Can Suffer

Since you just spent the summer growing good food for you to eat, the winter is a time that pests and other diseases may pounce on the leftovers. Fungal disease, mildew, or blight can grow in the winter time if they are not removed when first noticed. Gardens that aren’t attended to can attract insects and bugs looking for a great place to winter. While some of these bugs are beneficial, Impeccable Landscapes notes that some are not. We recommend that you don’t compost diseased plants as cutting up the plants do not eradicate the disease; it only spreads it out.

Keep Your Trees, Shrubs, and Grasses Healthy

The best time to prune trees and shrubs is the spring. This is because when you cut trees, you are basically leaving them with an open wound where disease and bugs can invade easily. The job of the bark is to keep these bad guys out. Pruning in the spring gives them time to heal.

That being said, you can still get your trees and shrubs ready for winter in the fall. Impeccable Landscapes recommends that you cover smaller trees and deciduous shrubs to protect them from the snow. You can also put your dead leaves or straw around the base of these plants to help as well. If you have a fruit tree, you should wrap the bottom of the tree in order to prevent rodents, such as mice and voles, from gnawing on the tree’s bark during the winter. And you’ll want to water them one last time before the ground freezes.


Prepping your yard and living plants for the winter helps ensure they will be ready for the spring and helps them make it through the winter. By doing your fall clean up, you’ll be sure your bulbs bloom in the spring, your yard greens up quickly, and your trees add new growth all spring and summer.

If you’re too busy to get to your fall clean up, we can help. Impeccable Landscapes in Spokane offers the best lawn care and landscaping services. We also can help with all of your snow removal needs as well, whether commercial or residential. Our mission it to be your one-stop-shop for all of your landscaping needs. Contact us today to get started!