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4 Best Things to Do For Your Lawn During Spring

The warm weather of spring is the best time of the year for your lawn. It is also the most active season for lawn care. It follows right after winter when piles of snow and rain have altered soil PH levels. In addition to that, the conditions cause soil to compact, creating conditions for weeds and diseases to thrive. 

Proper cleaning, fertilization, mowing, and other lawn care practices will be needed to help your lawn grass bounce back. In addition to looking lush and green, the care and attention your lawn gets during spring will help it thrive throughout the summer season. The following are some lawn care tasks that should be performed during spring.

Image of a mother and son doing yard work

Remove Debris

The winter thaw does not always leave a nice and clean lawn, especially in Washington. Forgotten leaves, debris, and muck are often revealed underneath the snow. This provides an ideal place for pests and molds to thrive when the temperatures increase and expedite melting. As soon as the snow begins to clear, we recommend that you clear away all signs of debris on your lawn.


Fix Bare Spots

While lawn seeding is best done during the fall season, if winter conditions have damaged some part of your lawn, you should repair and patch up any bare areas of your lawn during spring. Overseeding during spring also reduces the possibility and impact of weed infestations as the summer heat approaches. To repair bare patches on your lawn, wait till the temperature rises to an average high of about 50 degrees, rake the problematic areas, and apply some amount of topsoil before applying an overseed mixture. The grass should be watered daily and mowed when it is higher than 3 inches.


Image of a patchy lawn
Image of a healthy green grass


A little pick-me-up fertilizing is recommended for your lawn in spring. This should be done between mid- to late-May when your lawn is just starting to show signs of active growth. The fertilizer will stimulate healthy growth and reduce weeds. For an already established lawn, slow-release nitrogen fertilizer should get the job done. But for an unestablished one, you might want to look for a more balanced fertilizer. Be careful not to apply the fertilizer too late in the season as this may catalyze weed growth rather than help your plants.


Weed Prevention

Weeds are difficult to stop once an infestation is in full swing. This is why spring is the perfect time for preemptive weed control. The healthier your lawn is, the lesser the likelihood of a weed infestation. You can apply some pre-emergent weed control with your fertilizer or seeding mixture to prevent a weed takeover.


Image of dandelion weeds in a grass lawn

Irrigation is the single most important thing to do for your lawn all seasons of the year and this applies to spring as well. Now that you are aware of these spring lawn care tips, it’s time to motivate yourself and get your work boots on. But if you don’t have the time or energy to do all of these yourself, you can simply hire professional help for your spring lawn care needs. At Impeccable Landscapes, we provide spring lawn care services in Spokane and the surrounding. We’d love to help you — contact us today.