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Best Things To Do For Your Lawn During Summer

The hot and dry summer weather can do a number on your lawn. Many lawns succumb to the heat without proper care and attention. But with some effort, you can keep your lawn healthy and lush. At Impeccable Landscapes, we are passionate about helping homeowners maintain healthy lawns. The following are some of the best lawn practices we recommend for lawn care during the hot summer months.

Image of a fertilizer spreader on a grass lawn.

Feed Your Lawn Regularly

Because of the unique weather conditions in summer, nutrients in the soil get processed very fast by soil microbes. This is why you need to replenish the nutrients as often as necessary. A properly fed lawn will grow thick and green and will effectively crowd out weeds and handle the summer heat better. This applies to active lawns. If your lawn is already dormant, you will want to hold off on feeding until it is revived by the rain.

Mow High

In the summer, avoid cutting your lawn grass too short. Longer grass allows your plant to develop longer roots that can reach down into the soil to tap the elusive moisture on hot dry summer days. Instead of mowing short, mow high in summer. Setting your lawnmower to a higher cutting height will make a significant difference.


Image of a push lawn mower stopped during mowing.
Image of a hand holding a garden hose that is spraying water.

Water Regularly

While irrigation is necessary during all seasons of the year, you will need to water your lawn more during summer. For summer irrigation, deeper occasional watering is better than shallow frequent watering. The latter encourages the grassroots to grow shorter which will be bad during seasons of drought. At least an inch of water a week will get your grass through the hot summer weather. Be sure to do the watering early in the morning to reduce the impact of evaporation.


Reseeding and Lawn Repair

Despite your best efforts, some parts of your grasses may simply be unable to handle the heat leading to bare spots and thin areas. This is particularly a problem for older lawns. If you notice this, you may want to supplement by reseeding your lawn. The best time for reseeding is during early spring or in the fall. But summer reseeding is not a bad idea either. Just look for grass seeds that can better withstand the scorching sun.


If you’re worried that you may not be able to handle your summer lawn care on your own, hiring a professional lawn care expert like Impeccable Landscapes might be an ideal solution for you. We offer different lawn care plans for the seasons throughout the year. Get in touch with our experts to discuss your summer lawn care needs.