On November 17th, 2015, Spokane had a windstorm unlike any other that we have experienced. Many residents and businesses went without power due to down power lines, and some remained without power until Nov. 27th. Nearly 180,000 people in the Spokane area were without power during this time. Many businesses were able to stay open, even though they did not have any power, in order to help the Spokane community maintain as normal a life as possible.


The town’s general store remained open and guided customers with headlamps and flashlights. Many construction businesses experienced a boom in sales due to the damage that was done to the roofs in town. But most importantly, Impeccable Landscapes Inc, has had an increase of business as well. Our clean up efforts were even recognized in this article.


The aftermath of this storm not only left people without power, it also did damage to roofs, garages and landscapes. The wind left more than a few trees upturned. Our tree and shrub guys were able to help our neighbors by cutting up the fallen trees so that homeowners can access their homes and assess the damage.


It was really hard to see our neighbors in such a terrible position after this storm but we were honored and pleased to help our town out in their time of need. We are looking forward to helping out with landscapes in the spring after the cold weather leaves and homeowners can assess what needs to be done to return their landscapes to their former glory. We are happy to help you out now as well. Give Impeccable Landscapes a call today to schedule an appointment.