Many of us want a nice looking lawn because we want that curb appeal that makes heads turn. Landscapers like Impeccable Landscapes knows that green lawns, trees and flowers can all help a landscape look its best. But it turns out that having lawn care service helps your lawn release more carbon than lawns that get mow only services. We are all for helping the environment so we thought that we would discuss this article that we found from CNBC.

A little goes a long way

According to one of the studies CNBC looked at, how your lawn is cared for can affect the way your grass pulls CO2 out of the air. How your lawn is cut can make a huge difference. Many people cut their grass too short which gives way to weeds. When you have weeds, you tend to use an herbicide which is bad for the environment. The study also says that lawns that are overly weedy, irrigated improperly or under-fertilized make it easier to get soil erosion and make lawns patchy.

Perils of greenery

A study in 2012 showed that giving empty lots a makeover with trees and grass can reduce crime because the residents of that area feel safer. They say that in the years to come that lawns will become more prevalent in the United States. But one professor says that if this happens there is going to be less natural areas, forests or meadows and be “wasted land”.

This is good news because we are eager to help you with your landscape. Call Impeccable Landscapes today.