landscaping spokaneSummer is a great time to attend local gardening shows here in the Spokane area. There are tons of shows to choose from, ranging from garden tours through neighborhoods to large shows in conventions halls. Whether you have a little lawn at home to landscape or a sprawling commercial space, garden shows are a great place to find inspiration and ideas. Here are three reasons our landscaping team in Spokane recommends going out to a garden show (and why we’ll try to attend a few ourselves!):

  1. They are a great place to find new ideas for your landscaping. Gardening shows are all about showing off some of the most gorgeous gardens in the area. Whether you are taking a tour of gardens in the area or strolling a convention hall and seeing different displays, you will walk away with lots of inspiration for your own space. You can then discuss your new ideas with our landscaping team who can help bring them to life in your own backyard. You might decide that an edible garden is a great idea for your space or see a flower bed design that you can’t wait to replicate at home. Whatever it is, we can’t wait to help bring your ideas to life! We love getting inspired at these terrific shows and bringing these ideas to our clients.
  2. You’ll get to learn more about what grows in our area…and what doesn’t. We’re lucky to live in such a fertile growing area of the world, but not everything loves Spokane weather. Gardening shows are a great way to learn more about what grows well in the area and what you should avoid. Our landscaping team can make recommendations, too. Planting the right items in your space can make your landscaping look lush and beautiful with little to no maintenance, but the key is knowing what to plant. Our team can help you plan out the perfect low-maintenance garden bed after you’ve been inspired by the local garden show.
  3. You’ll get to know more about the area. Whether you meet your neighbors or just learn more about some of the services in the area, attending a gardening show will help you get to know more about your neighbors and the area you live in. It’s a great way to get to know your community! We love meeting people who are passionate about gardening and landscaping in the Spokane area at these shows and learning more about what sort of services they need and how we can help.

If you attend a great gardening show that inspires you to turn your landscaping into a showpiece, give Impeccable Landscapes a call! We offer a range of services for your landscaping, from full-service maintenance to simple mowing. Let us know what level of service you need and we’ll help make your landscaping dreams come true! Give us a call or contact us through our website for a free estimate on your landscape needs in Spokane. We can tailor a plan to the needs of your landscaping and get started right away!