As the cold weather heads our way, a lot of homeowners will start thinking about the things that they should do before the first snowfall. Some websites will tell you not to do this while some others will tell you that you need to do it. How can you tell which one you are supposed to follow and which ones to ignore? Impeccable Landscapes would like to give you a list of dos and don’ts to help you get ready for fall and winter.


Blowout Sprinklers

By getting your sprinkler system blown out at the beginning of fall, you lose the risk of your pipes freezing that will inevitably burst your pipes and cost you a lot of money come spring time.

This only takes a little amount of time to do this and it is time well spent.


As stated in the last blog, aerating in the fall is a good time because it gives the lawn extra sunlight and nutrients that it wouldn’t get otherwise. You can hire someone like Impeccable Landscapes to aerate your lawn for you or you can pay about the same amount to rent a machine from your local hardware store and do it yourself.


Although it goes against our instincts, we need to continue to mow for a little while longer. The grass may not be growing as fast as it does in the summer but it still needs trimmed. Now is a good time to lower the mower, though, so that your grass can get more sunlight. You can stop mowing once you have experienced your first freeze of the season.


We know it’s a huge chore but it is important to continue to rake leaves throughout the fall. If you let your leaves stay on the ground the grass underneath can die. It is hard to get your grass cleared all of the time, especially when snow falls and doesn’t melt for weeks. If this happens, you may need to get out a shovel and remove the snow off of your grass.


Over Water

Your lawn still needs water this time of year but it is important to not get carried away. Cut back your watering schedule to at least half. Your lawn only needs about an inch a week. If you water your grass more than this, it will become susceptible to poor growth or disease.


Pruning your trees and large shrubs will cause the plant to be at risk for fungal diseases because the wound will not have enough time to recover before the cold weather sets in. If you must prune, the better time to do this is in the early winter, once all of the leaves have fallen from the tree or shrub.

Another thing to remember is to not walk on your frozen or snow covered lawn over the next few months. Walking on your hibernating greens can cause damage and allow for insects and disease. If you can avoid not walking on your lawn, we recommend that you do.

If you need or want assistance in preparing your landscape for the fall and the coming winter, call Impeccable Landscapes today and get a free estimate.