Lawn MaintenanceAre you looking for a way to rejuvenate your boring landscaping?

Are your trees and shrubs doing just fine, but lack the pop of color you wish you saw when looking at your yard?

Impeccable Landscapes can help! We provide professional lawn care and landscaping services to many homes and businesses in the Spokane area. One thing we’re often asked about is incorporating plants and flowers that are native to the Pacific Northwest, and our corner of Washington state in particular.

Keep reading to discover the important role that native plants can play in any landscaping project, and how Impeccable Landscapes can help you use them to improve the appearance of your property!

Why Native Plants?

Native plants, plants that grow naturally in the Spokane area, are an important landscaping tool for many reasons. First, they’re easier to grow because they’re already perfectly adapted to the soil and climate here in Spokane. You won’t have to pay for as much water, pesticides, and fertilizer to keep them alive. Second, native plants are a source of food and shelter for birds, butterflies, and other regional creatures that we enjoy. Without these native plants, it’s hard for these beautiful animals to survive and thrive.

Native Wildflowers That Thrive In Spokane

Now that you’re more familiar with the benefits of native plants, let’s take a look at some of the more beautiful ones that could make a nice addition to your landscaping: wildflowers.

Here are some native wildflowers recommended by Washington State University [PDF] for landscaping in Spokane:

  1. Blanket Flower: A perennial that produces long-lasting deep yellow flowers around a burgundy center. Blooms from late spring to frost.
  2. Blue Flax: A short-lived perennial that forms an up-right clump of slender, flexible stems topped by sky-blue flowers. Blooms June-Aug.
  3. Camas: A slightly taller flower stalk with spike of blue-purple flowers. Edible bulb. Blooms April—June.
  4. Grass Widows: This wildflower produces grass-like leaves and purplish-pink (occasionally white) flowers on round stems. Blooms early April—June.
  5. Hooker’s Fairybells: Expect 1-3 bell-shaped greenish-white flowers hanging from the tips of branched stems. Blooms May-June.

Want to incorporate some of these native wildflowers into your landscaping? You don’t have to spend all of your time doing research about native plants, digging up sections of your yard, or worrying about whether or not you’re planting things too close together or far apart. Just leave it up to us!

Contact Impeccable Landscapes today for all of your landscaping needs. We have the skills and experience needed to make your garden a beautiful masterpiece of native beauty.