How does your lawn feel when you walk on it in your bare feet?

(You DO walk on your lawn in bare feet, right? If it’s too weedy or dry to enjoy without shoes on, it’s time to call the landscaping experts at Impeccable Landscapes for help).

If you notice that your lawn feels unusually spongy or bouncy underfoot, it’s probably not because you sprang for the luxury sod. It’s actually a sign that a silent threat could be destroying the health of your beautiful landscaping.

As landscaping experts know, the springy feeling is likely caused by a layer of both dead and living organic matter known as “thatch.”

What Is Thatch?

A thick layer of thatch, mostly comprised of leaves, stems, and roots, can be healthy for your lawn. Without proper yard maintenance, however, it’s easy for this layer to become too thick, blocking sunlight, moisture, and nutrients from the grass roots where they’re sorely needed.

What Causes Thatch?

Thatch can be caused by any number of yard maintenance mistakes including

  • Too much nitrogen/overfertilization
  • Excessive watering
  • Not mowing properly
  • Heavy clay soil
  • Certain types of grass

Our Landscaping Professionals Can De-Thatch Your Spokane Lawn!

If you have visually inspected your lawn and feel that the thatch layer is getting too thick, call the landscaping professionals at Impeccable Landscapes. We can inspect your turf and recommend landscaping service that will help to get the thatch layers back into acceptable parameters. If you’re not sure, still give us a call! We’re always happy to provide advice about yard maintenance in Spokane.