Here at Impeccable Landscapes in Spokane, we’re obsessed with efficiency.

Even in the wet, fertile valleys of the Pacific Northwest, it’s important to be concerned about things like water conservation, not to mention conservation of our own energy. It makes no sense to waste your time and effort on landscaping in Spokane if you’re not going to maximize your efforts with mulch.

If you thought mulch was only something we use on commercial landscaping projects, get ready to be surprised! Keep reading to discover why mulch is such an important part of our landscaping services here in Spokane, then contact Impeccable Landscapes for a FREE estimate today!

The Difference Between Mulch And Soil Amendments

Before we get into the exciting benefits of landscaping with mulch, it’s important to make sure that we all agree on what mulch actually is. In the professional landscaping world, mulch refers to any material that’s placed on the surface of the soil (besides sod, of course). By this definition, grass clippings, wood or bark chips, peat moss, rocks, and even decaying leaves could be considered mulch.

Mulch is quite different from soil amendments, which is the term landscaping professionals use to refer to materials that are mixed into the soil, such as compost or other fertilizing agents.

OK, now that we’re clear that mulch can be much more than just wood chips, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of incorporating it into your Spokane landscaping.

Fewer Weeds

Many of our customers in Spokane are surprised to learn that mulch is a great landscaping tool for weed-prone areas of their yard. Weeds need light and warm soil to survive. By landscaping with mulch, we can help keep your soil cool by preventing the sun’s light from penetrating it. In this way, would-be weeds simply can’t get their act together, and may not even sprout at all.

Better Moisture Retention

Another benefit of landscaping with mulch is that you won’t have to water as often, and when you do water, more of it will stay down in the soil where plant roots need it to be. According to the Colorado State University Extension, landscaping with mulch “reduces evaporation from soil surface, cutting water use by 25-50 percent.” Tired of watering every day? Better call Impeccable Landscapes for some mulch installation.

Drought & Frost Protection

Although we’re not usually at risk for drought here in the Pacific Northwest, there’s no telling how climate change might alter things in the future. It’s always good to be prepared and protect your plants against the summer’s searing heat. Landscaping with mulch protects your plants in the winter as well as the summer. “In cold-winter areas, protects plant roots from winter cold and helps prevent frost-heaving, in which plants are literally pushed out of the ground by the natural expansion and contraction of the soil as it cools off and heats up,” explains Steven A Frownie of the National Gardening Association.

Choosing the right mulch for your landscaping needs requires an intimate knowledge of the types of plants and trees you have, as well as the climate you’re in. Spokane can sometimes be an unpredictable place, so be sure to call Impeccable Landscapes for all your mulching needs!