All spring and summer you worked hard on your Spokane home’s landscaping.

You watered, mowed, weeded, and gardened. For many people, the change from summer to autumn is a signal that they can finally ceasedreamstime_xxl_3564020 all the landscaping chores.

Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and wait for winter to cover your lawn with a thick blanket of snow until spring, right? Well, not exactly.

Before you can truly trade your landscaping gloves for a snow shovel, there are a few more yard maintenance tasks that you must attend to. Remember, if you’re tired or simply don’t have time to show your trees and shrubs this kind of tender loving care, the landscaping professionals at Impeccable Landscapes are ready and willing to take care of it on your behalf!

How To Prepare Your Spokane Landscaping For Winter

  1. Fertilize – Hot summers and cold winters are hard on trees, depleting the soil of nutrients they need to stay healthy. To make sure your trees have plenty of nutrients during the long winter, give your trees a slow-release fertilizer.
  2. Hydrate – Trees don’t stop needing water just because the weather is no longer 90 degrees on a daily basis. Use an injection probe to provide subsurface hydration to your tree roots throughout the autumn.
  3. Plant – Wait, didn’t we just say summer was coming to an end? It is, but fall just so happens to be a great time to plant new shrubs and trees. The temperatures are much cooler, so new trees won’t be as stressed or desperate for hydration.
  4. Prune – As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, winter snow and ice can be a nightmare for shrubs and young trees, snapping their delicate branches. Proper pruning done by landscaping professionals can prevent this from happening.
  5. Cable/Brace – Mature trees and shrubs should be cabled and/or braced to ensure they can stand up to the high winds and heavy snows of winter without breaking. However, if breaking does occur, remember you can always call Impeccable Landscapes for fast tree removal.