Everyone wants to have a lush, thick lawn of healthy green grass to enjoy. When your grass is worthy of bare feet, you are more likely to spend time enjoying it. If your lawn is looking dry, patchy and thin no matter what you do to it, though, it might be a sign that you need to aerate your grass. Our landscaping service in Spokane recommends that you aerate your lawn ideally once a year, and it’s something that our team can do for you so you can experience the benefits of aeration yourself!

Why You Should Aerate

The soil under your lawn can quickly start to become compacted during the growing season. It gets clogged with debris such as dead grass and can become stale with the carbon dioxide from your grass. Aeration pokes holes into the soil, relieving soil congestion and allowing water and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. This gives the grass a much-needed boost and can stimulate new healthy growth.

When You Should Aerate

It’s best to aerate your grass either early in the spring or later in the fall. This gives it a chance to recover for the growing period of the summer months so you experience greener, thicker, healthier grass. If you miss that window, there may be other options that can help your grass in the meantime.

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Our landscaping team in Spokane offers aeration services to homes and businesses all over the area. We even offer free aeration services when you sign up for a 2016 mowing contract! Check out our other specials and get a free estimate on your landscaping needs.