When you think of fall, what exactly do you think of? From what we know about this season, it is beyond well-liked. Autumn comes with glistening thoughts of pumpkins, rich savory meals and large cozy bonfires. Perhaps you even think about Halloween or Thanksgiving, favorites of many! On another note, however, your lawn isn’t as excited about fall as you may be.  The coming crisp weather can threaten your lawn in several ways so it’s important to know how to prevent harm from coming to it. In our last post, we spoke to you about how you can prepare your lawn for Autumn. In this post, we want to give you the most simple tips available so that you can begin to protect your lawn over the coming months and throughout the fall season. Let’s get into the simplest tricks that it takes to ensure your lawn can remain healthy no matter what the weather may be.

Rake Your Leaves

While raking leaves may not be your favorite thing to do, it certainly is helpful to your lawn and it will be greatly appreciated by you in the coming seasons should you do it as often as required. If you can hardly see your grass below the fallen leaves, it’s time to rake. When leaves are able to sit on the grass for an extended amount of time there’s a likelihood that grass beneath those leaves will not survive past November.

Trim Your Shrubs

Often shrubs go unnoticed during the fall because so many leaves are falling, demanding our attention. We would not suggest that you neglect your leaves at this time of the year but in the same breath, we would not suggest the shrubs in your lawn either.If a bunch of wild limbs have grown from them and are beginning to make your front and backyard look sloppy, it’s time to trim them. Just be sure not to go overboard when you’re trimming. This could harm the integrity of the shrub altogether, leaving it dead by the time spring arrives.

Don’t Stop Watering Your Lawn Yet

Believe it or not, your lawn is still going to need to be hydrated once the heat of summer subsides. Make sure that you continue to water your lawn or any plants that may be in your yard regularly until the first frost arrives. This will help them remain healthy and prepare the grass for the arrival of winter.

Need help with your lawn?

If the thought of autumn arriving intimidates you, make sure to reach out to the professionals at Impeccable Landscapes today. Not only can we offer you with the most helpful tips to make your Spokane lawn healthy, we can also come take a look at your lawn in person and figure out what exactly it needs. Often people become very overwhelmed by the thought of completing their own lawn work but this is the last thing we want for our customers. We are more than willing to do all of the hard work that is required to give you a healthy lawn so that you can enjoy the fall and all the wonderful things that come with it. Call us right now for more information.