The first day of spring has officially arrived, and while there may still be some lingering snow and cold weather here in Spokane Valley, we’re confident that they will soon give way to the long, warm days we love this time of year.

Here at Impeccable Landscapes, we love spring time. Not only does it mean that we get to transition away from snow removal and back to the lawn care and landscaping services that we’re so passionate about, it also means that we get to see the bright colors return to the yards and businesses that have been our customers for many years.

Do You Have A Lawn Care Routine?

Like all homeowners, we’re sure that you’re aware of the need for lawn care, especially in the springtime. If you don’t clear away the debris left behind by winter storms, and take the time to prepare your soil for the hot weather ahead, you could be left with lackluster landscaping all summer long.

That’s why it’s so important to have a lawn care routine, rather than just randomly doing some lawn maintenance chores on the weekends when you don’t have anything more fun vying for your attention. Doing the same tasks at the same time every year allows you to keep track of your lawn care more closely, ensuring that you get out ahead of problems instead of playing catch up when they’re killing your grass.

What kind of problems, you may ask? Keep reading to learn some of the most common lawn diseases that strike during the summer and how our scheduled lawn care services can help you to avoid them.

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Summer Diseases That Can Destroy Your Lawn

Leaf Spot

What Does It Look Like? Leaf spot shows up in your yard as a fungus that causes discoloration in your grass. Most of the time, leaf spot causes grass to turn yellow or tan, and gradually thins out the blades. Most people in Spokane say that it looks like someone has made tiny cigarette burns on your grass.

Where Does It Occur? Leaf spot is most common among lawns that experience a lot of cloudy weather, coupled with warm and moist conditions.

Red Thread

What Does It Look Like? Red thread shows up in your yard as irregularly-shaped patches of red or tan. Red thread is most common on the leaves and stems of the grass plant.

Where Does It Occur? Red thread prefers to manifest on cool season grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and tall fescues.

Dollar Spot

What Does It Look Like? Dollar spot shows up in your yard as a fungus anytime between late spring and late fall. It’s most likely to appear after a stretch of cool, moist weather–much like what the Spokane Valley area experiences in the spring!

Where Does It Occur? Dollar spot causes small, yellow spots on grass blades, and if left untreated, it will turn your grass completely white.

Necrotic Ring Spot

What Does It Look Like? Sounding like something you’d encounter in an episode of Tales from the Crypt, necrotic ring spot shows up in your yard as ring-shaped areas of dead or dying grass.

Where Does It Occur? It’s most common for necrotic ring spot to appear in yards with dry soil during summer conditions when temperatures are above 80 degrees.

Regular Maintenance Is The Cure For Summer Lawn Diseases

If you’re worried about one of these common summer diseases taking root in your yard this year, it’s very important to set up a regular lawn care routine. With a lot of diligence and some elbow grease, you can remove the conditions that favor these diseases. However, if using fungicides, herbicides, and other lawn care products isn’t your forte, you should allow the local experts at Impeccable Landscapes to take care of these treatments on your behalf!

Right now, we’re running a great spring special that may be able to provide you with FREE lawn aeration (a vital part of spring lawn maintenance) and 50% off of your FIRST lawn application, but you’ve got to call for an estimate right now!

Impeccable Landscapes is proud to be the lawn and tree care experts that people in Spokane Valley trust when they want a beautiful lawn and garden. Rather than fretting and fussing with your lawn all summer long, why not leave the mowing, weed treatment, fertilization, and mulching up to us? Contact us now for your FREE, no obligation estimate in Spokane Valley.