A barren, dead lawn isn’t just an eyesore; it can actually lower the value of your home. Maybe you’ve let your lawn die and decided that it’s time to revive it. Or maybe you’ve recently moved into a home that doesn’t have much of a lawn left and want to turn it into a beautiful oasis. No matter your situation, our lawn care team in Spokane can help you revive your lawn and turn it into something that looks fabulous and feel incredible on your bare feet. Here are five things you can do to help revive a dead lawn.

Start With Aeration

If the grass isn’t totally dead yet, you’ll want to start with aeration. If the lawn hasn’t received proper lawn care, then it probably hasn’t been aerated in years. The soil under the grass can become compacted, and debris and dead grass can start to suffocate the grass underneath and prevent it from growing and getting the water and nutrients that it needs. Aeration pokes holes into the soil and allows water and fertilizer to reach the roots where it can jump start the growing process.

Deep, Infrequent Watering

While most people understand that a nice lawn is going to need to be watered, many aren’t watering it properly. If you can, give your grass a longer drink less frequently. Shorter, frequent watering periods aren’t as effective. Deep watering allows the water to get down to the roots where the plant needs it the most.

Fertilize With the Right Mixture

Not all fertilizer is created equal! In fact, many fertilizers aren’t made for grass at all and many people don’t apply fertilizer probably to promote the best growth. Our team uses a five-step process to stimulate healthy green grass and create lush lawns that look amazing. Our process has been optimized for grass health.

Leave Grass a Little Longer

While it’s always a good idea to leave grass a little longer in the hot summer months to help keep moisture in, it’s important to let grass stay a little longer when you are trying to revive it, too. That’s because the long leaf part of the grass is where the plant makes a lot of it’s nutrients that are necessary for growth. Longer grass is usually stronger grass and more likely to survive weekly cutting. Once your grass is healthier and stronger you’ll be able to cut it shorter.

Identify & Correct Issues with Your Lawn

Many times, it’s not just neglect that kills a lawn. There might be an issue with insects, fungus, or parasite plants that kill the grass. You’ll want to identify any issues like these and make sure they are corrected right away, or reviving your lawn might be an uphill battle that you can’t win.

If you are serious about reviving your lawn, we recommend hiring a professional lawn care service for your Spokane home or business. That’s because a lawn care team will be able to efficiently evaluate your lawn and create a customized care plan to meet its needs. You’ll end up saving a ton of your personal time and likely a good deal of money by paying a professional team to take care of it for you. Impeccable Landscapes can help! Give us a call and we’ll give you a free estimate on your lawn care needs today.