Now that autumn has finally arrived, you are probably in the mindset that your lawn care routine is over. However, as nice as that would be, there is still plenty to be done if you want your lawn to be able to properly combat the cold throughout the winter months. While most people do not know this, autumn is a great time of year to prepare your lawn for the coming year because the temperatures are cooler and there is occasional rainfall, making the ground more malleable. Additionally, during this time of the year, grass is busy absorbing energy, nutrients, and moisture, in order to sustain itself during the coming winter. The best part? If you put the work in now, you will most likely be rewarded with a healthy, green, and lush lawn in the spring.

Keep On Mowing Even If You Aren’t Sure You Should

Even though it may seem a bit counter intuitive, you need to continue to water and mow your lawn throughout fall as needed. As the season begins to come to an end, you will want to drop your mower’s blade so that it is on its lowest settings while you are on the last two mowings of the season. This will allow for your grass to get more sunlight at the crown of the grass, meaning there will be less total leaf to brown during the winter.

Aerate Your Soil For Best Results

Fall is the perfect time of year to aerate your lawn. This will allow for oxygen, water, and fertilizer to easily get to the roots of the grass. If you don’t own an aerator, there is no reason to fret. You can rent one for about $70 a day at your local hardware store. This machine will propel itself and punch holes into your soil so that plugs of dirt are removed. If your lawn is more than three or four acres, however, you may want to consider hiring a landscaping process as aerating a bunch of land can be quite the exhaustive process.

Sick of Mowing Your Lawn

Rake the Leaves As They Begin to Fall

Believe us, we are quite aware that raking is not what anyone wants to do in their spare time. However, removing fallen leaves from your lawn as quickly as possible will aid in you having a beautiful lawn for seasons to come. Keep in mind that while waiting for all of the leaves to fall before you rake might be the most efficient method, it certainly isn’t what is best for your lawn. When you choose to do this and the leaves become wet and stick together, your grass could become suffocated and begin to breed fungal diseases.

Fertilize for Future Growth

Most lawn experts will tell you that if you only want to fertilize your lawn one time a year, make sure you do it during the fall. The reason this is suggested is that grass leaves begin to grow much more slowly when the temperatures begin to drop, but the roots and the rhizomes continue to grow quickly. When you fertilize in the fall, you are delivering essential nutrients for the grass to grow deeper roots that will act as a nutrient reserve so that they can grow healthy in the spring.

Fill in the Bald Spots

If you notice that there are any bare or bald spots in your yard, this is the time of the year to fix it. The easiest way to do this is to purchase an all-in-one lawn repair mixture. You can find this at most garden shops and hardware stores. Applying this mixture to the bald spots will help them to recover and regrow before the first snow.

Make Sure You Are Controlling Weeds

If you have broadleaf weed in your lawn, it’s time to take action and fight back against them. Choose the right weed killer or hire a landscaping company to handle your weed problems so that your lawn can be as healthy as possible before winter arrives.

Ask For Help If You Need It

We realize that we are asking you to do a lot to your lawn when you thought you were already done with all of your lawn care this year. If you know you don’t have to time to handle all of this lawn maintenance, don’t worry. We can help you when you call our team at Impeccable Landscapes in Spokane. Contact us now and find out more about our residential lawn care services.

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