Picture this: It’s the middle of summer, and you’ve just sent out an invitation to your neighborhood inviting everyone to a barbecue in your backyard. People start showing up; maybe someone brought a bowl of potato salad to share. You’re about to head out back to warm up the grill when your eyes fall on your neglected lawn and you realize how much you’ve let it go.

Sure, maybe you mowed it. But what about the mushroom patches every couple of feet? Or the yellow spots from dog waste? And the dead patches on the perimeter where you tried to kill the weeds and ended up killing healthy grass? When you have company over, you suddenly realize that simply mowing isn’t enough.

You can’t fix a bad lawn overnight – no matter how many neighbors are bringing delightful side dishes to share.

The key to a perfect lawn is continual maintenance and care, and the bare minimum doesn’t cut it anymore. Much like a car, there are a lot of little aspects that will make the whole vehicle run like a dream. If you change your oil every six months for 20 years that’s awesome! But if you ignore the transmission and the brake pads, you’re going to have some major issues. Your lawn functions the same way. If you are only mowing your lawn, but not properly fertilizing, treating fungus, and aerating, before you know it, your lawn is going to be in pretty bad shape and sometimes it’s hard to bounce back on your own.

Is maintaining a perfect lawn easy? No. But we can help lessen the burden. We know how much time and effort goes into lawn care – it’s literally our job! But let’s break it down a little to look at the big picture:

At Impeccable Landscapes, we recommend a lawn care package that includes mowing once a week. Let’s say that the average person spends an hour each week mowing, weed whacking, and edging their lawn. Like many Americans, maybe you mowed your family’s lawn as a teenager before moving into your own home and maintaining your own yard. With this in mind, let’s say a person mows their lawn once a week from the ages of 15-70. That’s almost 3,000 hours of lawn maintenance in a lifetime! For people who love lawns as much as we do, that’s 3,000 hours well spent. But for most Americans, that’s 3,000 missed hours of quality time doing what you love. For example, you could watch all ten seasons of Friends THIRTY times over in that time – we did the math. You could also fly to the moon and back over 40 times! Obviously, this probably isn’t how you would spend your extra 3,000 hours, but we wanted to give you some examples for perspective.

Let Us Help You Maintain Your Lawn

Recurring lawn care is the only way to keep your lawn looking sharp all year round. Impeccable Landscapes offers affordable full-service lawn care that will take care of everything for you. We’ll keep your lawn barbeque-ready with weekly mowing, fertilization, weed control, fungicide treatments, aeration, and power raking. That’s quite a big step up from simply mowing! With a lawn as great as we can provide, you’ll have more leftover potato salad than you’ll know what to do with! Contact us today to get started!