Right now the weather in Spokane is cold, windy, and full of the potential of snow. So if you’re not thinking about things you’ll need to do to ensure a bright green, healthy lawn this summer, it’s understandable. As your Spokane area lawn care specialists, however, we’re ALWAYS thinking about the maintenance tasks that should occur first thing in the spring to grow happy grass all season long!

Get Aeration NOW!

One service that we highly recommend all Spokane residents take advantage of in the early spring is aeration. However, we’ve discovered that many people don’t really know that aeration is or how it works to benefit their lawn. When trying to decide which lawn services they’ll accomplish with their limited amount of time and resources, many people will skip aeration without realizing the toll it takes on their lawn. Then, they call up their local lawn care company and have to spend a lot of money fixing the dry, brown, and sparse grass that results from it.

Impeccable Landscapes wants everyone in Spokane to have a yard that they love. That’s why we’re revisiting the topic of aeration in this blog. Once you’ve learned when and why you should aerate your lawn, take advantage of our Special Offers to find out how you could get your lawn aerated for free!

Understanding Lawn Compaction And Thatch

Before you can truly understand the benefits of aeration, you have to be familiar with the negative lawn conditions that make it so necessary. These are lawn compaction and lawn thatch.

  • Compaction: If you live in an area where drought conditions may sometimes exist, it’s likely that your lawn suffers from at least a little compaction. Compaction is signaled by a hard ground feeling (sometimes compacted areas will feel harder than others), bare patches with no grass, soil that’s prone to cracking, and water that pools instead of draining away after a rain or watering.
  • Thatch: As you mow, weed, and walk on your lawn, small bits of grass and other organic matter break off and fall onto the soil’s surface. A little bit of this organic covering is beneficial for your grass, but too much of it can actually smother your lawn. To break up this barrier to moisture and air, aeration is necessary.

How Aeration Benefits Your Lawn

Now that we know the two serious problems that aeration is designed to treat, let’s take a look at how this vital lawn care service works to overcome them.

At its most basic, aeration is the process of poking holes in your lawn. This can be accomplished with a pitch fork, a small dowel, or in some cases, a funny product called “aeration shoes.” However, the most effective aeration is provided by a professional lawn care service provider using a bit of heavy duty equipment. When performed correctly, your lawn will look the same on first glance but when you look closer, you’ll notice that there are plugs of soil lying all over the grass.

The holes left behind by lawn aeration allows your lawn to more easily absorb its spring dose of fertilizer (you DO fertilize your lawn every spring, right?), while also strengthening grass roots, improving grass resiliency, and enhancing heat and drought tolerance.

When Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

If you haven’t guessed it by now, the best time to aerate your lawn is in the spring! When the snow melts and the warm weather returns, your grass will wake up from its long slumber. It needs to take a deep breath (aeration), have a drink of water (irrigation), and a little bit to eat (fertilization) before it can feel like itself again! Even if you had a lackluster lawn in the past, aeration can be all it takes to restore grass that you thought was dead.

Impeccable Landscapes Is Your Spokane Lawn Care Specialist!

Now that you know why and when you should aerate your lawn, you’re probably eager to get started. Maybe you’re even clicking around on the website of some giant home improvement store, browsing through the lawn care equipment, wondering if your wife will let you buy an aerator.

WAIT! Lawn aeration doesn’t have to be a task that sucks up your weekend. Not to mention that those DIY aeration tools are rarely as effective as the professional equipment used by our lawn care technicians. This year, make the smart choice and hire Impeccable Landscapes to provide all of your lawn care services. If you sign up today, you may even be able to get your aeration completely FREE!