Many homeowners know the importance of a well-manicured lawn, but many do not. Some people think that their lawns don’t need to be mowed once a week. They don’t want to do it themselves and they don’t want to pay a lawn care company to do it for them. There are many benefits to regular lawn maintenance, both cosmetic and health wise, and we want to tell you why it is so important to have Impeccable Landscapes come out and mow your lawn regularly.

Stronger grass

If you are looking to have one of the best-looking lawns in the neighborhood, you need to make sure that you are having your grass mowed as often as needed to keep your grass at about three inches. When your grass is mowed, the weak shoots are left behind while the healthy shoots remain. The more you have your lawn serviced, the healthier your lawn will be.

Even growth

We have all seen those lawns that are patchy and uneven. This is due to the lawn not being cut enough. When your lawn is kept short and uniform regularly, you can improve overall growth. Regular mowing ensures even absorption and distribution of the resources that it gets from the sun and water. It is crucial that the grass gets consistent growth so you can have a beautiful yard.


When we say mulching, we mean that you leave the clippings on the grass after mowing. Mulching helps give your grass the nutrients that it needs to grow strong after being mowed. When have your lawn mowed consistently, mulching can be done with smaller blades of grass.

Fast recovery

A well-maintained lawn is a lawn that can recover quickly from pests, weather or disease. When you have your lawn mowed regularly, the better off your lawn will be compared to those lawns that are let go.

No one likes to have an eyesore for a lawn.If you need help with lawn maintenance, call Impeccable Landscapes and learn more about our lawn mowing service.