We are blessed with beautiful weather here in the Spokane area during the summer months. This usually makes it easy for homeowners to get out and care for their lawns without worrying too much about stray storms getting in the way. As your go-to source for lawn care and landscaping in the area, Impeccable Landscapes knows that you’re always looking for ways to improve your lawn’s beauty and we’re always happy to offer tips and information to help you get the greenest lawn on the block. In today’s post, we’ll review a few summer lawn care do’s and don’ts — check them out below!

Summer Lawn Care 101

Do Mow Your Lawn Often, But Don’t Keep It Too Short

Mowing your lawn on a regular basis is important for its appearance. It is also important for its overall health and hardiness. It is best to mow your lawn around once a week, taking care to make sure that the blade on your mower is clean and sharp so that you don’t introduce pests or diseases, or fray the tips of grass blades. Cutting grass too short makes it more susceptible to pests and it can send your turf into shock, preventing it from growing properly. Remember not to take more than ⅓ to ½ of the length off at a time to ensure that the roots and soil get plenty of shade.

Do Pay Attention to When You Mow, But Don’t Ever Mow a Wet Lawn

When you mow your lawn is just as important as how you mow your lawn. Mowing at the wrong time of the day can make your lawn more susceptible to damage and soil compaction. Additionally, mowing grass that is still wet with morning dew is problematic for a few reasons. First and foremost, mowing wet turf can be detrimental to its growth. Additionally, it can clog up your mower and make a 30-minute task one that takes an hour. The afternoon is the best time to mow your lawn because the grass and soil should be nice and dry to prevent these problems.

Do Have a Watering Schedule, But Don’t Be Afraid to Alter It

You can’t have a lush, green lawn without having some type of consistent watering schedule, especially in the summer when much of the lawns moisture evaporates by late afternoon. To make sure that your lawn gets sufficient water, set a watering schedule and stick to it. It is best to water your lawn deeply and infrequently, aiming for a good soaking every two days or so. Once you have a set schedule, don’t be afraid to alter it — putting your sprinkler system on a rain delay may be necessary from time to time in the spring and fall to prevent over watering.

Do Fertilize Regularly, But Don’t Overfeed Your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn is one of the best things you can do to ensure dense and hardy turf that grows healthy and strong. Knowing this, some homeowners tend to get a little overzealous with their fertilizing schedule. For example, fertilizing your lawn too early in the spring can stimulate top growth at the expense of root growth. Likewise, too much nitrogen encourages more growth than grass can support, resulting in a yellow lawn. Ideal application times in the Spokane area are in May, late June, then September, and finally again in November.

Do Plan Ahead, But Don’t Feel Like You Have to Do It All

Summer can be a busy time of year. All too often, lawn care tasks fall by the wayside to make time for things that are more fun. The result can be a lawn that has seen better days, becoming the topic of conversation in a way that you don’t want during your backyard barbecues. To keep this from happening, take time at the beginning of summer to make a lawn care plan that includes tasks for the entire family. Worried you won’t be able to keep up with it? There is no shame in hiring a team of experienced lawn care professionals to help you out!

Lawn Care Services in Spokane

Has your summer become a little more crazy than you expected it to be? Maybe the work of caring for your lawn was a lot more involved than you thought it would be? Between camping trips, vacations, and house guests, maintaining a beautiful yard can prove to be quite the task during the summer months. However, Impeccable Landscapes is here to help make sure the beauty of your lawn doesn’t suffer in the midst of your summer plans. We offer a comprehensive selection of lawn care services in Spokane and the surrounding area that can be customized to suit your needs and your budget. Contact our team today to request a quote — we look forward to helping you!