If your lawn did not thrive this summer, you might be thinking about doing some damage control now that autumn has arrived. On the other hand, you may not know exactly how you should proceed. Completing work on your lawn can be scary because there is always the threat that you may do something wrong that could potentially ruin your grass. If you want to know what the experts at Impeccable Landscapes would do, we have the answer for you. Check out the tips below and follow them in order to bring life back into your grass.

Make Sure The Seed Can Touch The Soil

You are going to want to start the restoration process by mowing and bagging the clippings in the area that you are working to fix. This will ensure that the seed is able to make direct contact with the soil. If this grass is thick, this will not be able to occur and therefore the seed will not be able to root and thrive. This is why it is imperative for you to remove as much of the thatch that is on top of the soil. If you don’t, you’ll be wasting your time and money on seeding.

Use An Aerator To Break Up Soil That Has Become Impacted

Soil can also become quite impacted when it is lacking moisture. This is why we would suggest using an aerator on your lawn before you begin to seed as well. A plug aerator will help to break up the soil without completely ruining your lawn. We would suggest that you use this tool the day after it has rained in your area. Be sure to go over the entire lawn in straight lines, raising the tool when you are making a turn. Aerators are easy and fairly cheap to rent so this should not be too much of an issue.

Be Sure To Fertilize Before You Seed

While you may think that you are ready to begin seeding now, you actually have a few more steps. The next thing you need to do is fertilize your entire lawn. This will give you grass the nutrients it needs in order for the seed to really take off once it is embedded in the soil.

Water Properly For Strong Roots

Once you have spread the seed all over your lawn, you’re going to need to tend to the grass for a while to ensure that everything goes as planned. This means watering your lawn for 10-15 minutes each day in order to keep the ground moist and able to create strong grass roots.

Hire The Professionals If Needed

Let’s be honest, everything we just listed off is a lot of work. If you are not entirely sure you want to invest that much time and energy into your lawn, we know some people who will. That’s right, our talented team of lawn care and landscaping specialists know exactly how to ensure that lack of water is not an issue for your lawn now or moving forward. Contact Impeccable Landscaping today for more information.

How Can We Help Your Lawn This Fall?