When you go to the store to purchase a bag of grass seed, you probably have a fair number of questions. After all, how are you supposed to know which type of grass will grow best in your climate? Since there are many different factors that you need to pay attention to when choosing the type of grass you want on your lawn, we thought we might be able to help. As there are many different things to consider when it comes to your grass, we have gone into deeper detail in order to help you select the right seed variety. Continue reading below in order to find the most common types of grass that people plant in the Spokane area, how you can choose the one that will be best in your yard.

Ine Fescues : Lawn Mowing Height = 3 inches

If you are looking for a grass that does well in cool and shaded areas and that does not need a lot of maintenance, fine fescues is the right choice for you. This grass is great because it can be mowed low, doesn’t need much fertilization or much watering. The dark green blades will establish themselves very quickly, allowing you to see your lawn become lush and healthy in no time with very little effort.

Kentucky Bluegrasses: Mowing Height = 3 inches

One of the most common cool-season grasses, Kentucky bluegrass, is often blended with other grasses like fescue or ryegrass in order to provide a great lawn. Because this grass grows a shallow root system, it’s not as tolerant to droughts as other options. On the other hand, when Kentucky bluegrass is given the right amount of light and water, it is otherwise relatively low maintenance, making it popular for homeowners across the country.

Sick of Mowing Your Lawn

Ryegrasses: Mowing Height = 2 inches

If you are looking for a type of grass seed that will germinate quickly, ryegrass is a great choice. Once it is germinated, this type of grass will thrive in an environment that is both cool and moist. Perfect for the Pacific Northwest! On the other hand, ryegrass does require a bit more maintenance than Bluegrass or fescue because it grows so incredibly quickly. In fact, with this sort of grass, you are likely to find that you have to mow anywhere from two to three times per week.

Bentgrasses: Mowing Height = 0.25 inches

This type of grass tends to grow extremely well in the Pacific Northwest as well. This perennial cool-season grass needs a lot of sunlight and regular maintenance, including mowing in order to truly thrive. This is often the type of grass that you will find on a golf course because it does very well when it is mowed very short. When given the opportunity to grow out, bentgrasses will often have a shaggy appearance.

Buffalo grasses: Mowing Height = 2 inches

If you want a green and dense yard that does not require a lot of maintenance, buffalo grasses may be the best way to go. With very little need for water and fertilization, this type of grass is great for someone who doesn’t have a ton of time to take care of their lawn.

Need Help With Your Grass?

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