There are very few things that get us as excited as the arrival of summer and we bet we’re not alone. If you’re anything like our team here at Impeccable Landscapes, you are probably looking forward to all the great things that come with this beautiful season. Whether you are ready to go swimming, biking or simply soak up the rays, chances are you are already preparing. The same goes for getting your lawn ready to host the very best BBQs in your neighborhood. There is plenty to get done and not a ton of time to do it. This is especially true if you haven’t been taking care of your lawn up until this point. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to take action by following the tips below in order to ensure that your lawn is ready to entertain all summer long.

Lawn Treatment

If you know your lawn is in need of fertilization, our lawn care specialists can absolutely help. Our 5-step lawn care program works to give you the healthiest, greenest and most lush grass in your entire neighborhood. By fertilizing your soil, you are not only making sure that your lawn will be as healthy as possible throughout this season, but throughout the seasons to come.

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Treating Your Trees & Shrubs

If the trees and shrubs in your yard are also in need of some attention, our lawn care specialists can assist with that as well. We provide a number of services for trees and shrubs such as foliar insect treatment, systemic insecticide drench, deep root feeding and more.

Weed Control

Our Broadleaf Weed Control is the most effective way to handle unsightly weeds in your yard. This procedure requires proper mower heights, irrigation, fertilization and frequent lawn treatments. However, it is entirely worth the long term investment. Additionally, we offer shrub bed weed control that will keep the landscape beds in your lawn free of weeds all season long.

Weekly Care

Plain and simple, you lawn needs to be mowed on a weekly basis if it is going to remain healthy. Much like your hair, which requires trimming, grass needs the ability to continue growing the healthiest portions, without the worn down parts breaking off, causing your lawn to become unhealthy. Our team of talented professional will also make sure that your sidewalks are properly edged and that there are no clippings left behind.

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If you really want to impress your neighbors, friends and family, make sure to call Impeccable Landscapes right now. We can guarantee that your BBQs will be better than you ever imagined they could be, and so will your yard. Additionally, you can get our fantastic services at a fraction of the price when you use one of our special offer coupons on our site. Get 50 percent off your first tree and lawn care application or a free aeration with your lawn mowing contract. Learn more about what deals we offer when you contact us today!