Nitrogen? Phosphorus? Potassium?

Don’t worry, you haven’t been teleported back to high school chemistry class. We won’t give you a pop quiz, but you should know that these elements are the primary nutrients needed for a healthy lawn, and also the active ingredients found in most lawn fertilizers.

Each nutrient plays a different role in lawn health. Nitrogen encourages aboveground plant growth, whereas phosphorus is essential in forming a healthy root system below ground. Potassium is important for the plant as a whole, and helps to improve overall plant health.

Not All Fertilizers Are Created Equal

If you’ve ever looked at a bag of fertilizer, you would have seen three numbers corresponding to the three elements mentioned above: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (often abbreviated as N, P, and K). But what does this mean? These numbers tell you what percent of the entire product is each nutrient. So a bag that says “25-5-5” would contain 25% nitrogen, 5% phosphorus, and 5% potassium. The ratio in fertilizer varies greatly. For example, you might find fertilizer that says “15-0-5” or “20-5-10” depending on what nutrient your lawn needs and what time of year it is. So why does this ratio matter? Each fertilizer ratio serves a specific purpose, and it’s often best to leave choosing a ratio up to the professionals. If your lawn has too much of one nutrient, or not enough of another, then your grass might not be living up to it’s potential – or worse, it might not be living at all!

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Did you know that you can over-fertilize your lawn? Believe it or not, applying too much fertilizer to your lawn can have devastating consequences, and it is nearly impossible to recover a lawn that has been over-fertilized. It is important to know exactly how much fertilizer a lawn needs, and with over 20 years of experience, it is best to leave the fate of your Spokane lawn up to Impeccable Landscapes. Over-fertilizing a lawn can dry it out and cause it to go from green to yellow fast. Trust us, you don’t want to be that guy.

Having too much fertilizer on the lawn can also be dangerous to children and pets. Do you really want Fluffy to roll around in excess fertilizer that didn’t soak into your yard, or that got left behind on the patio? Neither do we! We’ll make sure to give your lawn the correct amount of fertilizer, and we won’t leave a mess on the concrete.

When In Doubt, Let Impeccable Landscapes Help

Who knew fertilizer was so complicated? We’ll give you a hint: We did!

We’ve been working with fertilizer for over 20 years, and we know what works best for your Spokane lawn. Knowing what type of fertilizer you need, how much to apply, and how often to fertilize is a lot to keep track of when you already have so many other daily tasks to focus on.

Take the worry out of lawn care, and let us make maintaining your lawn our main priority. We’ll fertilize, mow, aerate, and edge your lawn all summer long to make sure you have the best yard on the block. Contact Impeccable Landscapes today for a free property assessment and let us put together a plan to suit your needs and budget.