Even in the fairly fertile climate of the Pacific Northwest, our lawn care company sometimes gets calls from Spokane residents who can’t understand why their grass suddenly turns brown in the summer.

These customers are always those who take great pride in their lawn care, so it’s definitely not turning brown because of neglect. They’ve been diligent about watering and fertilization, but still, to their horror, brown patches stubbornly appear around July and August. Frantic, they call us up for lawn care because they just can’t figure out what’s happening.

Keep reading to discover some of the most common reasons why otherwise healthy grass might begin to turn brown in summer, and find out how lawn care services from Impeccable Landscapes can help prevent this from happening!


One reason your otherwise well cared-for lawn might turn brown is that it’s suffering from a pest infestation. Certain insects, worms, grubs and other bugs like to munch on both the roots and blades of grasses.

To determine whether or not grubs are attacking your grass, give brown grass a firm tug. If it comes up easily and the roots look small or are completely missing, white grubs could be the cause. To determine whether or not other insects are attacking your grass, look for brown patches that look like they’ve been mowed short. This could mean pests are munching on the blades. If you suspect bugs are to blame for your brown grass, contact Impeccable Landscapes for lawn care services immediately.


Yes, mowing is an essential part of lawn care, but it can be overdone. Did you fertilize your cool-season grass after summer started? Do you have a bad habit of cutting your grass as short as the putting green on a golf course? Do you often forget that you’ve turned the sprinkler on, practically drowning your lawn multiple times a week? All of these lawn care practices weaken your turf, thinning the grass and leaving soil exposed to environmental threats. Why not leave the mowing up to the Spokane lawn care experts at Impeccable Landscapes?

Lack Of Aeration

Did you skip lawn aeration this year? The practice of boring holes into your lawn might seem pointless, but avoiding it can actually lead to brown grass in the summertime. Lack of aeration leads to compacted soil, which means grass will struggle to survive even when you’re watering it properly. The roots simply can’t penetrate the soil deeply enough to become properly rooted. Want to make sure you don’t forget aeration? Contact the lawn care team at Impeccable Landscapes today.

Brown grass doesn’t necessarily mean that your lawn is dying, but it’s definitely a sign that something is missing from your lawn care routine. If you’d rather spend more time enjoying your Spokane lawn, instead of mowing, weeding, aerating, and watering it, Impeccable Landscapes can help!

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