As the weather here in the Spokane area starts to warm up, our lawn care team at Impeccable Landscapes starts to get a lot of calls from people who are seeing their lawn turn brown and don’t know why. One of the first things we recommend when it comes to summer lawn care in Spokane is to leave your grass a little longer than you normally would. This simple tip offers a lot of benefits to your lawn through the hot summer months!

You’ll Use Less Water

Longer grass is better at retaining any moisture from either rain or from your sprinkler system. The longer grass blades act like insulation for your lawn, while shorter grass exposes more of the ground and allows moisture to evaporate much faster.

You’ll Have Stronger Grass

The longer part of the grass is where the plant produces nutrients, which it then sends down to the roots. By leaving the grass a little longer, you’ll have stronger and healthier grass that can weather the summer months much easier.

You’ll Have a Lush Looking Lawn

Longer grass might not look as tidy as shorter grass, but the payoffs are huge. Your grass will look and feel healthier and you’ll end up doing less maintenance on it. Leave your lawn a little longer and see the difference for yourself!

Tired of doing your Spokane lawn care yourself? Call our team for a free estimate on all of your lawn care needs. We’ll give you a free estimate and get started on your summer lawn care right away.