With a new year, comes new resolutions. Just as many people will use the new year as a chance to start fresh by losing weight or choosing to spend time on a new hobby, your lawn may be in need of a New Year’s resolution itself. After all, using different exercises  or methods of treating your lawn can give it the kick-start it needs as a new season approaches. As the lawn care experts at Impeccable Landscapes, we pride ourselves on knowing the best ways to treat lawns with a multitude of issues that can range from lack of the right nutrients to dehydration. Check out the tips below and find out how your lawn can be better and more fit in the coming year.

Put the pressure on

If you want your lawn to be strong, you’re going to have to make sure that it’s under some stress. Just as we work out our own muscles so that they break down and build back stronger, your lawn works the same way. Pressure, when done right, is good for the lawn for a number of reasons. When you cut your lawn this puts a tiny bit of stress on it. This is the type of stress your lawn needs to stimulate growth and ensure that the root system remains resilient throughout the year. Not only will this make your lawn stronger but it will ensure that you don’t have to worry about your grass as much if environmental factors try to weaken it.

Feed your lawn like you feed your body

When we, as humans, feed our bodies good and healthy foods we get the benefits of the nutrients in those foods. The same can be said for your lawn as well. When you put high quality, slow releasing nutrients onto your lawn in the right amount, and at the right time, your lawn will likely respond in a positive way. This will make it easier for your lawn to remain strong no matter what it faces and ensure that it is green and thick throughout the year.

Your lawn needs to stay hydrated just like you

Water is imperative if we want to survive. The same can be said for your lawn. Making sure that your lawn has a sufficient amount of water is important if you want to have green lush grass. Keeping your lawn properly irrigated will lend to a yard that you can be proud of and that your neighbors will surely  feel envy towards. Don’t want to install a sprinkler system? You can water your lawn once the warmer months resurface. Just make sure that you are doing so either early in the morning or late at night so that the water is not evaporating faster than it is able to make it to the roots of your turf.

Want to make sure your lawn has what it needs?

If you want your lawn to keep the resolutions that you have set for it this year, you’re going to need a talented team of lawn specialists on your side. At Impeccable Landscapes, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you and your lawn in making 2018 the year that it really  thrives. Contact our team of lawn specialists today to find out how we can help you before spring arrives.

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