With the weather beginning to warm, it seems as though everyone is in better spirits than they have been over the winter. Truly all it takes sometimes to put a smile on people’s faces is a bit of sunshine and that smell of spring in the air. As you begin to venture outside more and more, you may notice that your lawn and the plants in it are beginning to perk up due to the nicer weather as well. However, this uptick in yard health won’t last long if you are not prepared to keep it going. In this two-part blog series from Impeccable Landscapes, we are going to cover how you can make sure your lawn is ready to thrive this spring. Continue reading below to ensure you aren’t forgetting a thing when it comes to making your lawn a great success in 2018.

Start By Raking Your Lawn

The first step you are going to need to take is to remove all of the debris from your lawn that is has accumulated over the winter. You can do this by using a rake to pick up anything and everything that is currently on your grass that shouldn’t be. We would also recommend that you lay a thin layer of compost on your grass once the raking has been completed.

Reseed Areas That Have Become Bare Over Time

Before you reseed any areas that have balded over the winter, you should work to loosen the soil by using the back of a garden rake. Once you have done this, spread a mixture of grass seed and fertilizer into the bare spot. Tamp down the surface and water every so often to help aid in growth.

Double Check Your Equipment

It’s been several months since the last time you pulled all of your lawn care equipment out of your shed or garage. This means you should check to see the condition it is in before you begin using it on your fragile lawn. Additionally, if you have an irrigation system installed in your lawn, check to ensure that it is still working properly and that no damage occurred during the colder months.

Apply Mulch

If you have plants and trees in your lawn, we would recommend that you apply a 2-3 inch layer of mulch around them at the beginning of the spring season. This will help to control the soil temperatures, allowing the soil to remain moist, which in turn will also help to prevent weeds from growing.

Use Fertilizer On Growing Plants

Additionally, if there are any potted plants in your yard, be sure to fertilize them to help kickstart their growth.

Aerate Your Lawn

We have spoken about the importance of aeration time and time again on this blog. Spring is a great time to ensure that the soil in your lawn is not compacted and that oxygen, water and nutrients are able to reach the roots of the grass. How can you do this? That’s right, with aeration.Prune Any Limbs That Are

Broken, Diseased, Or Dead

If you notice that any of your trees or plants are looking a little rough after the winter, you might want to consider pruning them. Just be careful not to go too crazy. People over-prune all the time and their foliage suffers greatly because of it.

Check Back To The Impeccable Landscapes Blog For Part 2

In part two of this blog post, we will be discussing additional tasks you need to complete if you want to make your lawn the envy of all of your neighbors this spring and summer. At Impeccable Landscapes in Spokane, we know all of the tricks and tips that you should be acquainted with if you want the very best out of your lawn this year. Check back soon for the second part of this post!

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