December is traditionally the snowiest month in Spokane. Even though it seems like you have just prepped your yard with fall lawn care services, it is never too soon to start taking steps to protect your lawn during the harsh winter months. The team of landscaping experts at Impeccable Landscapes are here to help you maintain a beautiful lawn all year long, and in today’s post, we will review four tips for getting your Spokane lawn through one of our most brutal seasons. Let’s get started!

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Blow Out Your Sprinkler System

First things first, you want to make sure that you blow your sprinkler system out before the first hard frost. Not doing so could cause broken sprinkler lines, and that could result in your lawn flooding when you turn the system on for the first time in the spring. In addition to providing industry-leading lawn care services in Spokane, our landscaping company also performs sprinkler system maintenance, including blow-outs and start-ups, to help you protect your lawn in the winter and maintain its beauty in the spring, summer, and fall.

Remove Items from Your Yard

Before winter gets into full swing, it is best to remove any type of outdoor furniture, planters, toys, and other items in your yard. Not only will this help protect these items from water and ice damage during the winter, but it can also help protect your lawn, as grass that is stuck under objects doesn’t tend to get the moisture and sunlight it needs during the winter to survive. Placing outdoor furniture and other items on your patio or in off-site storage can go a long way in protecting your lawn during the winter.

Treat Weeds and Diseases Early

Your lawn will go dormant during the winter. However, before it has a chance to go into full dormancy, you want to spot treat for weeds and diseases. We all know how quickly weed problems can get out of control — doing what you can in the fall and winter can help curb their growth come spring. Snow mold is a lawn fungus that goes crazy in the wet, cold conditions we experience in the winter, but this can be prevented by applying fertilizer before the first freeze.

Stay Off of the Grass

Finally, one of the best ways you can protect your lawn during the winter months is to simply stay off of it. Long-lasting, heavy snows can put pressure on your grass, causing it to turn brown in some areas. Frequent trampling will only make this problem worse. If you and your children enjoy sledding and building snowmen in your yard during the winter, you might want to consider moving the party to a local park for the sake of your lawn.

Affordable Spokane Lawn Care Services

Making sure your lawn gets off to a beautiful, healthy start each spring begins with proper fall and winter maintenance. By performing the simple tasks we reviewed in today’s post, the snow will melt away in the spring to reveal a lush, well-maintained yard that you can look forward to enjoying for months on end. Our Spokane landscaping company provides services like mowing, pruning, and other lawn care services that allow you to enjoy your beautiful yard without worrying about the time needed to maintain it. Give us a call at 509-570-1696 today or request your free lawn care estimate online now!