Here in the Spokane area, we’re not known for particularly mild winters. When the cold and snow is at its worst, blowing down trees and freezing your fingers, you’ve probably wished that you could hibernate and wake up when the spring sunshine returns.

Did you know that’s exactly what your lawn does during the winter? During the cold season, your grass, trees, shrubs, and other landscaping elements essentially go to “sleep,” resting and rejuvenating themselves for another growing season when the ice and snow have melted.

So what’s the best way to put your lawn to bed for the winter? We’ve put together a few of the ways that our lawn care experts can help to make sure your Spokane lawn is well prepared for the cold that lies ahead.

Best Lawn Care Practices To Prepare Your Turf For Winter

  • Fertilization – It’s hard to sleep on an empty stomach, and it will be hard for your lawn to rest properly without the nutrients it needs to survive the cold. The lawn care experts at Impeccable Landscapes know how to fertilize turf that may have been damaged during the summer.
  • Seeding – Lawns that incurred extensive damage or grass loss during the summer will need  more than just fertilization. Our lawn care experts will be able to assess your lawn and determine whether overseeding might be necessary before winter arrives.
  • Thatch Control – According to Penn State University, “Thatch is a loose, intermingled organic layer of dead and living shoots, stems, and roots that develops between the zone of green vegetation and the soil surface. Thatch build up begins when turf produces organic debris faster than it can be broken down.” Without proper lawn care, thatch can encourage disease in your turf. The lawn care experts can help you de-thatch before snow brings the threat of mold.
  • Leaf Removal – Without removing the leaves from your turf, any possible absorption of sunlight will be blocked. Our lawn care experts would be happy to remove your leaves if you don’t have the time (or desire!) to do it yourself.
  • Lawn Mowing – It’s essential to continue lawn mowing services through the fall season. Our lawn care experts will raise the mower height slightly so that grass blades remain a bit longer, which helps to shelter the growing point (crown) from frost.

Is your Spokane lawn ready for winter? If not, contact the lawn care team at Impeccable Landscapes to make sure it’s prepared for sleep.