Residential Mowing & Spraying

We get asked all the time why people would want to hire us to do a job that they can do themselves. While we certainly understand the question, we have to disagree with its premise. After all, jobs like mowing and spraying your lawn for weeds could be done by you, but it wouldn’t be the same. After all, when you go to your local convenience store to buy weed remover, or you fire up that decade-old lawnmower, you can likely get your lawn looking better, but it won’t look its best. We don’t mean that you don’t do a good job, we’re just saying that you can’t possibly know the little choices you can make that will set your lawn apart from the rest. We get it though, you are not easily convinced, which is why we have compiled a list of several reasons you should hire a professional team to mow your home’s lawn, as well as apply weed treatments. Continue reading below to see what they are.

You will be saving time

Be honest, you are busy. You’re probably busier than you would even like to admit. You spend most of your time during the week going to your job and your weekends are reserved for other engagements and activities. Making time to mow your lawn is nearly impossible as it is. So why are you fighting your options to hire a professional mower?

We use professional grade equipment

There is a reason that people who hire professional mowing teams to mow their lawn have yards that look pristine. This reason is the equipment that is being used on those lawns. We use only the best that the lawn care industry has to offer.

Our blades are sharp

One of the main components of great lawn care is mowing your grass with a sharp blade only. Doing so allows for your grass to get a clean cut that doesn’t lead to long-lasting injuries. This will lend to your lawn being protected from diseases and infestations.

We know how to get rid of weeds the right way

While you may think that store-bought weed sprays will get the job done, we beg to differ. We know how to make sure that your lawn remains as weed-free as possible. Not to mention, we use safe chemicals to treat your lawn with so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pets and family.

Your lawn will always be the right height

We know how to keep your lawn the right height all year round. We take off just enough so that your grass looks green and lush, but not so much so that it looks as though your lawn was the recipient of a buzz cut.

You will be offered additional lawn services

When you have access to a professional lawn care team, we will keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to your lawn. We will let you know if there is anything you need to worry about or help you remedy any issues you find on your own in no time.

Your lawn will be taken care of even when you are out of town

This is one of the main perks that people don’t tend to think about when they are arguing that they don’t need a lawn care company. Who takes care of your lawn when you are out of town? That’s right, no one. But when you have a residential lawn care company on your side, you won’t have a thing to worry about any time you are out of town.

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Be honest, all of the above sounds quite nice, especially when you consider how much time you will have to yourself now that you won’t be completing everything we just mentioned. If you are ready to hire a residential lawn mowing and spraying company in Spokane, you need to call Impeccable Landscapes. We can offer you everything you are looking for and more!

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