Spring has sprung, bringing with it lots of common yard nuisances that make lawn maintenance even more difficult. If you feel like you’re constantly fighting a losing battle against weeds in your yard, and you’re not especially keen on the idea of using lots of chemical herbicides, the frustration becomes even worse. Thankfully, homeowners now have lots of natural options for killing weeds at home. Although they vary in effectiveness, these DIY weed killers can be an inexpensive way to keep unsightly weeds at bay.

Burn Them With Boiling Water

Boiling water kills germs, but did you know it can also kill weeds? This extremely hot water will shock the weed’s roots, causing them to shrivel and die within a few days. If you’re part of a household that eats a lot of pasta, kill weeds instead of tossing that hot water down the drain!

Smother Them With Salt

Rock salt, or water to which a healthy dose of table salt has been added, is another effective way to kill weeds without toxic chemicals. Much like it does with our bodies, salt dehydrates the soil and root system of the plant. This throws the plant out of balance and usually has a fatal result.

Eviscerate Them With Vinegar

Weeds known for having long taproots, like dandelions, dock, and plantain, are especially hard to kill. However, dousing these plants with white vinegar can usually do the trick. Vinegar is so acidic, it will suck all the moisture out of the plant and cause it to die.

While these methods are effective, they’re best applied to single, stubborn weeds. Got dandelions all over the place? Call Impeccable Landscapes for full lawn maintenance service in the Spokane area.