Slowly but surely the weather is getting warmer in Spokane, and that can only mean one thing: spring is on its way!! Although we still have dark mornings to contend with, most of the winter threat of wind, ice, and snow is in our rear view mirrors now. This means it’s time to start thinking about your lawn care strategy for the spring and summer.

“Oh come on,” you may scoff, “does lawn care really require a strategy?! Stop being so serious Impeccable Landscapes.” You may laugh now, but you won’t be laughing when your house is the only one on the block to have a yard full of weeds.

80 Percent Of Lawn Care Is Waging War Against Weeds

The sad but true facts are that preventing, removing, and controlling weed growth makes up the bulk of most lawn care tasks. Sure there’s mowing, watering, and aeration to think about, but these are fairly quick tasks compared to the burden of removing 11,345 weeds from your property. And weeds aren’t just unwelcome because they detract from your beautiful turf, either. Weeds are the highway robbers of lawn care. They sneak in, spring up overnight, and steal the nutrients that are meant to nourish your grass, shrubs, flowers, and garden vegetables. If your lawn care strategy doesn’t include calling Impeccable Landscapes to fight spring and summer weeds, prepare yourself for a long and arduous siege during which you’ll be under attack from the following bandits.

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Weeds You’ll Be Battling This Spring

  1. Crabgrass – Your lawn is full of grass, so why should something with “grass” in the name be a bad thing? The problem with crabgrass is that it’s an aggressive and opportunistic grass, and it looks quite different from the beautiful turf that’s planted in most Spokane yards. Crabgrass likes to find spots of lawn that are dry, thin, and stressed-out, and exploit them. Overtime, crabgrass will completely overtake your lawn if you aren’t keeping up with proper care.
  2. Dandelions – These yellow (and then white) tufted “flowers” are probably one of the most easily recognizable weeds in Spokane. A remarkably resilient weed, the dandelion causes significant economic damage to lawns and agricultural crops. After all, you want your lawn to be green, NOT YELLOW! Over-the-counter remedies for dandelions are rarely effective, which is why we recommend setting up professional lawn care services now to prevent them from popping up.
  3. White Clover – Much like the yellow blooms of dandelions cause homeowners extreme disappointment, the white blooms of white clover can cause picky residents to feel like pulling out their hair. “[W]hile killing the white clover already in your lawn is easy, you need to understand that killing white clover seeds is not. The seeds can survive high heat, low temperatures and can stay dormant for years before germinating,” explains Gardening Know How. Also, clover is perennial weed, which means if you don’t have a professional lawn care program in place, you’ll find yourself fighting more and more of it each spring.
  4. Henbit – If you have a lawn that is thinly covered, tends to be moist, or mostly shaded, you should know that you’re at risk for developing a serious henbit problem. No, we’re not talking about backyard chickens. Henbit is an annual weed with green or purplish square stems and round or heart-shaped leaves. Only through timely lawn care can you keep your yard healthy enough to fight back against henbit.
  5. Dollarweed – Also known as “pennywort” this warm-season perennial weed has silver-dollar-shaped leaves that stick out like a sore thumb among your the thin blades of grass in your yard. Like henbit, dollarweed is a fan of moist and shady lawns, and it can be very difficult to get rid of if mature plants are allowed to go to seed.

Why Choose Impeccable Landscapes For Your Spokane Lawn Care?

As you can see, there are more than a few weeds just waiting to take root on your Spokane property this spring. The best way to avoid spending your entire summer pulling (and cursing) weeds is to sign up for a lawn care maintenance program from Impeccable Landscapes today. We’ve lived and worked in the Spokane, Liberty Lake, and Spokane Valley areas for many years, and are keenly aware of what it takes to win the battle against weeds.

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