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When the weather begins to warm and the days lengthen, what’s one of the first plants to crop up? Yep, you guessed it, weeds! While you are looking forward to the longer days and the warmer weather, you are not looking forward to fighting spring weeds.

Impeccable Landscapes’ mission is to create beautiful and impeccable residential and commercial lawns. We offer a variety of services in order to give you an outdoor space that you yearn for. We offer lawn care for homes and businesses, mowing services, tree trimming and tree cutting services, help with sprinkler system installation and maintenance, care of shrubs, help with perennials and annuals, and so much more. Below, we’ll go over some tips you can use to help with spring weed control. Contact us today for your next spring weed control need!


Focus on Your Grass

When your grass is healthy, it’s hard for weeds to rear their ugly heads. If you have a lot of weeds in your yard already, it might be an indication that your soil needs more nutrients added. Weeds thrive in poor-nutrient soil. Impeccable Landscapes near Spokane recommends that you invest in some great lawn fertilizer before the spring fully hits, and then continue treatments every six weeks during the growing season.


Weeds have a hard time growing in mulch. Obviously, this is for parts of your lawn where you don’t want grass. However, if you lay down mulch (usually about two inches will do the trick), weeds find it very difficult to take root. You can instead try rocks, but because of the inherent construction of rocks, weeds usually can find an opening in the holes and cracks they leave.

Mow Your Lawn Higher

Weeds love the sun. Thus, if you create more shade, they tend not to thrive. You can do this easily by raising the height that you mow your grass in the spring. This allows your grass to grow taller and thicker, which throws more shade on your lawn, thus helping to prevent weed growth.

Water Consistently

When you water consistently and for longer periods of time, water has time to soak into the earth. This causes your grass to grow deeper roots to reach the water. Weeds will become crowded, and it will be harder for them to grow properly. Shallow, quick spurts of watering causes your lawn to have shallow roots, which can lead to a quick death if a heat wave or drought comes.


Impeccable Landscapes near Spokane has been serving Washington, North Idaho, and Montana since 1995. We love helping our residential and commercial customers achieve the yard and the landscaping of their dreams. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for landscaping needs. From mowing services and tree services to weed control and pest control, we understand how your lawn operates and what it needs to thrive. When you partner with us for your residential and commercial lawn services, you can rest assured that we will make your lawn impeccable! Contact us today for a free estimate!