Right now, the weather in Spokane is quite chilly, often getting down into the single digits at night. Like most of the nation, we’re recovering from the last snow storm and bracing ourselves for the next one. Even though it can be hard to imagine your grass beneath all that snow and ice, now is the time to start planning your plan of attack for lawn care in the spring!

Here at Impeccable Landscapes, we’ve been honored to become the go-to lawn care company for both residential and commercial customers in Spokane, Liberty Lake, and Spokane Valley. Whether you’re a first time homeowner, slightly overwhelmed by all the lawn maintenance tasks you suddenly have to deal with, or just a business owner who’s pressed for time, we’re always available to meet any and all of your lawn care needs.

Keep reading to learn why it’s so essential to have a lawn care plan in place before the snow melts, and feel free to contact Impeccable Landscapes to get a spring lawn care estimate at any time!

Why Is Spring Lawn Care So Important?

Although summer is typically the time of year when home and business owners take care of landscaping projects, spring is actually the time when your lawn needs care the most. The following are just a few of the essential lawn care tasks that should be completed when the snow melts to ensure that your lawn looks healthy and green all year long.

  1. Rake – Your lawn essentially goes to sleep during the winter. Think of gentle raking as the way that you wake it up and remind it that it’s time to grow! Use a lightweight plastic rake, never a heavy metal one, to remove debris and stimulate the roots.
  2. Reseed – If during your raking you notice that bare spots have emerged, it’s a good idea to spread some new seed. Loosen the soil and then level it with the back of your rake. After this comes the grass seed, followed by some compost to give the new seeds a healthy start in life.
  3. Mulch – Do you have plants, trees, shrubs, and bulb flowers planted in your yard? Spring is the time when they require a fresh layer of mulch to moderate the soil temperature and help retain moisture. “Good sources of mulch include compost, shredded bark or leaves. Recycled rubber mulch works well around trees and shrubs, and the rubber suppresses weeds better than bark mulch,” explains Oregon Live.
  4. Aerate –  This is one of those lawn care tasks that we typically recommend be left up to the professionals. Proper aeration creates small holes in your hard that allow oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the grass’s roots more easily. DIY aeration tools typically lack the depth and accuracy that can be achieved with professional aeration, making it less effective and potentially damaging to your lawn.
  5. Prune – If you want your trees to grow full and healthy, spring is the best time to go about pruning them. Broken, disease, and dead limbs should be carefully removed so as to make room for new growth. However, it’s very easy to make mistakes while pruning, which is why we recommend it be left up to tree trimming experts like those at Impeccable Landscapes.
  6. Mow – The first mowing of the spring is very important one. It sets the tone for how your lawn will grow for the rest of the year. With a very sharp mower blade, cut your sleeping grass to a height of 2 ½ inches. You probably won’t need to cut it this short again, especially during hot times of the year, but for the first mowing, it’s a good idea to remove any dead plant matter to give your grass a healthy start.

Contact Impeccable Landscapes For All Your Lawn Care Needs!

We hope this list of spring lawn care tips has helped you to see how important it is to make plan for maintenance sooner rather than later. Of course, if this list has only overwhelmed you, we can help! The lawn care experts at Impeccable Landscapes can perform all of these maintenance tasks and more, fertilizing your lawn and repairing sprinkler systems so that you have a yard that you love throughout the summer and fall. Contact us today.