Every homeowner wants to have the best looking lawn on the block. However, executing it is much more difficult than just wishing for lush green grass. While you may have made the incredible decision to hire a lawn care or landscaping company to take care of regular maintenance, you may have also chosen to continue to mow your lawn yourself. This can work out pretty well so long as you know how to mow properly. Continue reading below to learn what tactics you should take to ensure your mowing does your lawn good rather than harm.

Make a plan

When it comes to the way you were taught to mow the grass by trimming the edges so that the clipping can be mulched by the mower, you have the right idea. However, if you want to save yourself a bit of time, you may want to try mowing first and then move on to trimming. This allows you to take advantage of the large cutting area made by the mower and also will cut down on how long you spend trimming. Be sure that regardless of the method you use, that you stick with one for best results.

Wide collar it

Make sure that the perimeter of your grass has a wide enough border when you first start cutting it. This will allow you to move around your mower much more easily when you need to maneuver around obstacles like flower beds and more.

Don’t cut it too short

When you cut your lawn too short, it can lead to it becoming brown and patchy. It may even lead to you finding there is uneven ground around your yard or strained root systems beneath your grass. Additionally, it gives weeds a much easier way to break through the soil, ruining the aesthetic appeal of your once lush and healthy turf. Try to keep your grass between two and three and a half inches long for best results.

Let our lawn care company take care of you

If all of this seems like way too much to think about, don’t worry. Taking care of your lawn so that it thrives is no easy task, which is why we do what we do at Impeccable Landscapes. We can provide you with our weekly mowing service so that you don’t have to lift a finger and you can still enjoy a beautiful yard. Call us today to learn more about the lawn services we offer and to get a free quote.

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