It is common knowledge that a green grass not only looks healthy but it also brings a certain beauty to your home. But sometimes, no matter what you do, you just can’t get your lawn full of that lush green color. Even when the seasons change, your grass should remain some shade of green. If your grass is getting spots or is turning yellow, it is important to figure out why it is doing this and rectify it as soon as you possibly can.

There are several different reasons that could be causing spots in your lawn. Your grass could be getting to dry. With the heat of August upon us, it is easy for the sun to dry out the soil under your lawn. Excess heat is hard to avoid when there is nothing covering your grass. To correct this issue, it is important to keep your soil damp without over watering. Overwatering can cause your grass to “drown” in a sense and die.

Another reason your grass may not look its best is because you could be cutting your grass too low. Grass needs to be a certian length for it to be able to naturally absorb the nutrients in the soil. If your grass is turning yellow due to it being cut too short, it means that the earth below your grass is exposed to the elements and cannot retain the water necessary to keep your grass green.

To be absolutely sure that your grass is the greenest of all, call Impeccable Landscapes and we will take care of all of your lawn care needs.