At Impeccable Landscapes, we’ve made it a priority to be the best lawn care service you can find in the Spokane area and beyond. We’re proud to offer years of experience, a work ethic like no other, and customizable service plans for every homeowner. But we’re also realistic enough to know that sometimes, you’ll need to mow the lawn yourself.

A standard lawn mower can last a long time. The trick is, it needs to be properly maintained. Read on for a few handy tips to keep your mower running at peak performance.

  • Gunk buildup is your enemy. After mowing, brush the mower with a brush or broom. After it has completely stopped running, put on good work gloves and remove caked-on grass.
  • A few times yearly, be sure to clean the mower’s air filter. For plastic foam filters, give it a good wash with warm and soapy water. Let it air dry, then lightly coat it with 2 tablespoons of mower oil.
  • Yearly, when you change the mower’s oil, don’t forget to change the spark plug. Disconnect the spark plug wire, then remove the plug with pliers or a wrench. There should be a code on the plug itself. Make sure to write that code down before buying a new one.
  • A dull lawn mower blade will tear grass instead of a clean cut. Make sure it’s sharpened after every 8-12 hours of use. Having a spare blade is always a smart move.
  • At the end of mowing season, empty the fuel tank. Let the engine run until it’s out of gas. Then, use the oil drain plug to drain out the oil into a recycling container. Follow manufacturer guidelines when refilling the oil reservoir.