Contrary to popular belief, your lawn does not need to get water every single day. In fact, your grass does not need to even be watered every other day. People who do water their turf this often soon will find their lawn looks dull, full of brown patches. To avoid this outcome, you must know exactly how the watering process affect the grass and just how often is the right amount.

First off, when you are constantly supplying your lawn with water you are drowning the roots. The soil that is the base for your grass is composed of sand, clay articles and slit, as well as porous spaces. When the soil receives water the porous spaces push out air and filter in the water. However, compulsively watering your lawn keeps water in those spaces all the time, keeping them permanently without air(something a plant must have to grow). Essentially you are suffocating your grass one day at a time.

So often should you be watering? Well that depends. In climates like Spokane’s the soil already holds a lot of water. This makes watering your own lawn are dire as it would be in somewhere like New Mexico. There is however, always going to be a time when your lawn does need some watering. When soil begins to look dry thoroughly water the ground, so that it seems as though the ground is soaked a couple inches deep.

We, at Impeccable Landscapes know how much water, how often, it’s in our blood. If you are scared of killing your grass by overwatering or not watering enough then leave it to us! We would be happy to keep your lawn healthy all summer long!