Pruning trees and shrubs tends to be one of those things that every patriarch believes he is an expert in. Not saying you don’t know your stuff, Dads, but there comes a time when you have to admit that your kids are right(despite their hatred of yard work): there are not any leaves left on that tree!

It is important to realize that despite their appearances, trees are relatively fragile. Every cut that is made on a tree or shrub is an injury to it. After massive reduction of limbs a tree needs time to heal from its wounds. Sometimes it is easy to get a little overzealous. After all, the more you prune now, the less you will have to do later, right? Not exactly. Put down those pruning shears and let us give you some helpful information.

More often than not, tree pruning is something that occurs in the fall. However, there are many different plants that require pruning in the spring and summer as well. Impeccable Landscapes Inc. knows which trees and shrubs need spring pruning. And what’s more is that we know how to prune them correctly. As it was mentioned previously, pruning is like surgery for trees. You wouldn’t perform a surgery on one of your family members would you? No, you would hire a professional, and in this case we are THE professional.

Our proper pruning techniques will ensure that your trees and shrubs are not only in perfect condition this summer but for many summers to come!