There’s a reason Washington is known as the Evergreen State. With our abundance a beautiful tall conifers we hit the jackpot as far as lush and always crisp foliage is concerned. However, pruning these evergreens requires a different game plan than pruning deciduous trees. In order to make sure your trees look full and healthy all year round keep in mind the following pruning guidelines:

Spruces, Firs and Douglas-Firs

These trees are fair game all year round for pruning. Because they are able to produce lateral side buds that will sprout if the buds from the tip of the branch are removed. It is thought that late winter is the best time to prune these evergreens, however, pruning in the spring is also advisable as long as you don’t go too crazy.

Pine Trees

Pine trees rarely need pruning but in order to continue the growth of thick dense branches lessening the length of each branch can help. Unlike spruces and firs, pines do not regrow buds when the previous ends of the branches are cut so you must be extremely careful when taking a pair of sheers to these conifers.

Junipers, Hemlocks and Yews

These trees can be pruned anytime throughout mid summer(the growing season) as they continually grow. However, you will not want to prune too much as they tend to look more attractive when they grow naturally.

Pruning can be difficult and it is easy to let your inner kindergartner take control, resulting in an evergreen massacre. To avoid this we suggest using the expert pruners at Impeccable Landscapes. We guarantee the best pruning services and we would love to start improving the shape of your conifers today! If you are interested in hiring our remarkable team call us today!