Snowfall can be a beautiful sight to behold. The fluffy, shimmering snowflakes falling from the sky, gently landing atop one another. That is — until you realize that those snowflakes have accumulated to piles of snow that are now blanketing your parking lot and sidewalk. This is usually the time when most people begin to consider the fact that someone now has to go outside and shovel, snow blow, or plow — and all of a sudden the snowfall becomes a bit less beautiful. 

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss commercial snow removal and why it is so important for a business to invest in this service. Commercial snow removal can help you protect yourself, your employees, your customers, and your business, and is simply a service that you don’t want to go without in Spokane. 

Continue reading to learn more, and if you find yourself in need of commercial snow removal from a trustworthy, reliable, and reputable company, it’s time to consider Impeccable Landscapes. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a free estimate for snow removal from your property. 

To Protect Yourself and Your Employees

One of the biggest reasons that you should invest in commercial snow removal is to protect you and your employees. If you don’t have a snow removal specialist handling the plowing, shoveling, snow blowing, and de-icing, chances are that either you or one of your employees is out there doing the job. Snow removal can be a slippery and extremely cold job that can result in injuries or even frostbite. When you hire a professional snow removal company to handle it, you can ensure your and your employees’ safety.

To Protect Your Customers

Snow and ice create slippery conditions that can lead to people slipping, falling, and even car accidents. You don’t want your customers to have to navigate an unplowed parking lot or walk through snow and ice to get to your front door. Not only does this create a dangerous situation for your customers but it also makes them less likely to return to your business. Commercial snow removal services like those from Impeccable Landscapes can ensure that your parking lot and sidewalks are clear before you even open the door to begin the day.

To Protect Your Business

Another reason to invest in commercial snow removal services is to protect your business. If an employee or customer gets hurt on your property due to lack of snow removal, you will be held liable. And a lawsuit from an injured person could end up costing your business a lot more money than the price of snow removal. Hiring a professional snow removal company greatly reduces your chances of someone being hurt on your property due to slippery and icy conditions. 

Impeccable Landscapes – Your Commercial Snow Removal Company

At Impeccable Landscapes, we offer commercial snow removal services including snow blowing, granular de-icing, liquid de-icing, surface sanding, and snow plowing. We provide these snow removal services around-the-clock so that no matter the time, day or night, we can come to your property and make sure that it is safe for you, your employees, and your customers. Give us a call today and inquire about our commercial snow removal services for a free estimate.