Now that spring is here, you should start thinking about aerating your lawn. Many people choose to aerate their lawn in the fall but spring is the better way to go because it is just before the growing season. This means that the grass can heal and fill in any holes as it is growing. However, not all lawns need to be aerated and it is important to know if you have a lawn that needs it so you are not wasting you money. Always check with your Spokane landscaping company to be sure.

High traffic

If your lawn gets heavy use with kids playing or dogs running around, you should probably look into getting your lawn aerated. When this is happening, the soil under your grass is getting compacted. Airing out the soil is a great way to help your grass grow fuller.

New construction

If you live in a newly constructed home, your lawn should probably get aerated because the topsoil might have been stripped during the construction of the lawn. It is also likely that due to construction traffic, the grass was compacted.


If your lawn dries out often, it could mean that you have a thatch problem. If this is the case then you will definitely want to correct the issue by aerating your lawn.


If your lawn was established using sod instead of seed, then you should seriously consider aeration.

There are many reasons to have your lawn aerated. If your lawn is described above, we urge your to call us to schedule a free project quote.