The spring weather has sprung in Spokane Washington and summer is lurking around the corner. With lawn care in the near future it’s time for you to start thinking about how you are going to care for you lawn this year. Sure doing it all your self sounded like a great idea, mid-winter while you were stuck, bored inside, but in reality, being in the hot open air, doing back breaking work, just doesn’t sound enjoyable. Let’s face it, there are a million other fun things you could do this summer while someone else does the hard work to keep your yard looking nice!

So, this summer, instead of spending 4 hours a week picking weeds, mowing the grass, pruning the shrubs, spraying your trees and caring for your grass, let us take the reins.  Our Spokane lawn care programs allow you to spend your valuable summer time with the people that matter while doing the things you would otherwise miss out on! With Impeccable Landscapes by your side, you can feel free to skip the yard work and go to the pool, take you kids for ice cream, renovate your home, or even take a hike instead. You know, the fun things in life!

While you are out having the time of your life, Impeccable Landscapes will be providing you with the lawn maintenance services your yard has been in desperate need of since it started to warm up. Depending on what lawn care program you choose, we will provide anything and everything from, custom tree and shrub pruning to grass cutting and weeding!

Call today, and make sure your summer isn’t overtaken by yard work this year.